The Little Ribbon of Time

God said:

Something grand is before you. It is time for you to know that. Miniscule is not before you. Miniscule is behind you. That is why you must not keep returning to the past. You will miss the present. You really don't want to miss the present. The present is presented to you. I present it to you right now. I present an unopened package of wonders, and it has to be opened right away, or the moment is gone.

Pull the little ribbon of time that seems to box it. In truth, it is a steady pulling of the ribbon. You pull it, and it slips from its knot and unwinds itself before your very eyes. And with a gasp of joy, you remove the cover the ribbon held loosely, for life is given to you in breaths and in amazement.

And yet, many times you are sad with the gift of life and do not welcome it, this gift of life to you from God, the highest gift bestowed upon you from the Highest of all.

You were thinking of one thing, and I another, so your eyes beheld disappointment, and you thought that something was withheld from you. Nothing is withheld from you. You withhold from yourself. Behold!

Whatever is before you is a gift. And you must find its treasure. Please know that a treasure is there. Perhaps the little chicken in an egg thinks there is an error when it bursts through its shell, as though something has been lost to it, but it was a boundary that fell away.

Do not bemoan the falling away of boundaries.

Have you not had enough of boundaries?

Let them slip away. Each time you rise higher. And there is higher to rise to.

Will you rise to it? Will you rise to My height? Will you rise to the level of My eyes and catch the light that falls on you? That is the true question.

The true question is not what have you lost. The true question is what have you gained. And the true answer is you have come closer to Truth. You have come closer to Me. Closer in your awareness to Me.

Come closer still.

Bestow upon Me the trust I bestow upon you. It is a great trust I hold you in. I give you My great gifts and trust that you will open them. In other words, that you will accept My love. Having accepted My love, it can only radiate from you, and that is indeed a gift.

Unblock your blocks to My love. You are surrounded by My love. Unlock your heart to the God of Hearts. Let My love enter your heart and become wholly its contents.

Consider for a sad moment what you have been storing in your heart. No, don't look. Never mind the spillage there. Let My love enter your heart, and all else but My love will flee. All that old tired bitter sour stale collection will leave so that My love can enter and stay. The only thing to collect in your heart is My love. That is what your heart was made for. That is what fits there, My love. When My love is honored in your heart, your heart is full. Then any movement of your heart becomes a blessing. All your heart will know to do is to bless. That is what your heart was made for.

Your heart is intended as a giver of My love, and, therefore, a bestower of My blessings. This is not a deliberate bestowing, because what is natural and of My heart, flows without deliberation. It is difficult to stop the flowing of My love, but that is what you have been doing.

Today arise to My height.

Accept your worthiness to Me. Never mind the world thoughts. Attend to My regard for you. Accept My blessings so that in turn you may bless a weary world. You are to lead the world, not follow it. The world goes round and round, and you must raise it to a higher level where it will break out of its established path and rise to Mine. Look not to the world for leadership. Look to Me Who looks to you. Look, see My love, and you will know what to do.

Seeing My love is all you have to do. When you see My love, it is done. When you see My love, you can only follow it, and you will leave behind all the ignorance that possessed you so dearly. Therefore, in truth, you have no choice but to follow Me. That is your heart's choice. Listen to My love in your heart, and come with Me.

Come with Me now. All is readied for you. One little step, and you are here. You bring many with you. Your one little step is not new. It is a pivot. You have been here before, and it is what you want, this little step before you and the Heavens that it opens.