The King of Truth

God said:

Do not be stiff-necked. What can make you stiff-necked but judgment? Do not sit in judgment. You judge yourself and find yourself wanting.

Find yourself receiving and giving. You are not wanting. That is misjudgment. Do not look down. Look up. When you look up, you will see Me and My light that shines on you. Why look down to perturb yourself when you can look up at Me?

When you look up, I catch your eye. You answer My call to you. Hear Me so that you may be strong. Hear Me so that you may not hear your habit of voice that thinks ill of the world, the inhabitants of it, and yourself.

Be benign. Choose it. It is your choice. Choose love or choose distaste. Consider what you choose. A tray is served you. You do not have to take everything on the tray. Choose what delights your palate. Savor it. Why savor what displeases you?

Have you not been savoring your displeasure? Have you not been saving it, storing it up so that you can count it and push it away, time and time again? Have you not run through it all over again and tried to change the reliving of it? You cannot change it. You cannot undo it, but you can leave it behind you. Why take it with you? Why carry it when it sticks in your throat?

You not only tasted it, you then continued to examine it, turning it over and over in your mind, and finding yourself guilty of another's displeasure. Therefore, you took it as your own. You turned the table on yourself.

Someone else's displeasure made you displeased. Let them have their displeasure. Let them blame it on you. Don't you take their burden as your own.

You are free. You are a free being. You are My chosen child. Deal with Me. Find truth. Find love. Find mastery of yourself.

Walk away from another's thoughts of you. Have My thoughts. Have My thoughts, and you will think well of yourself. What others think won't matter. You won't take on other's failings as your own. I use the word "failings", but that is in your eyes, not in Mine.

Each chooses his disheartment or his heartedness. You have choice. Choose what you would choose. You are not without choice. Choose what you want and not what freezes you.

Choose My opinion. Choose My love. Choose My vision. Choose Me.

That is your choice. Me, or something else. I am solid gold through and through, yet you would choose gilt, or you would choose tarnish, or you would choose absence of Me.

Accept My vision of you, for My vision is truth. Anything else is not truth. Choose My vision of you, and then you can look on everyone else with My vision.

The world seems to be made of sadness, but what is sadness but evacuation of your perception of My love?

Know that My heart is ever with you.

Know that you have no need.

You certainly have no need for false prophets. When you prophesy ill, you are a false prophet.

Know Who reigns in your heart of hearts.

Move over. Make room for Me.

I will fill your heart with love overflowing.

I will fill your heart with truth.

I will fill your heart with love untrammeled, for that is truth.

Empty your heart of what you do not want there.

Empty it now.

Carry My love.

Take the love from My eyes and place that light in your heart. Your heart is a flame. It is a flame of My love. Don't dampen that flame. Let it rise higher and higher. There are no ashes to the flame of My love. It burns bright and its light falls on all. It sheds light. It does not harbor darkness.

Do not mind other's perceived mistakes.

Do not mind your own.

Mind Me. Attend to Me. Choose Me. There is no dearth of Me. There is only fullness of Me. I give you Myself for safekeeping in your heart. Fill your heart with Me, and you will become My light.

I do not speak awry. I tell you simply what is so. Whom do you believe? Your old thought? Others? Or the King of Truth? Believe Me because I give you truth. Choose light and dispense with darkness. You made the clouds. Now make the Sun to shine. Be My light on Earth for all to see. Wave My wand of love so that all will be heartened.

Harken to Me, and to no other.

Hear Me, as I hear you.

I raise you to Me.

Raise yourself to Me.

Arise! Dawn has come. I bring you dawn. Let the light of the Sun dawn on you, My beloveds.