Open the Universe

God said:

Others' thoughts are your doubts. Your doubts aren't your own. You absorb them from others. Others would put their definition of truth on you to uphold. They want you to uphold their boundaries, for their definitions are boundaries. All definitions are boundaries.

I have no boundaries. I reach everywhere. That eternal presence is My grace and My charm, and that is what I offer to you of yourself. Boundlessness. Life does not move by definitions. No matter how great your definition, it is limited. Words limit. Intellect limits. Intellect does not expand your horizons; it contracts them.

Be with Me more than you define Me.

Want Me more than you want My flame.

Want Me more than you want enlightenment.

Enlightenment is small potatoes next to the God of Enlightenment.

You think you want what is in My hand. I am telling you that whatever is in My hand is not enough.

Want more of Me. Want more of My hand. Want more of the Being behind the hand.

You have given your allegiance over to whatever grabs your attention. It doesn't matter what it was, you thought it was glory. But it was something slipped to you, a promise perhaps, or a piece of candy that you called love.

Give your allegiance over to finding Me. I am the Gift you seek. All the wrappers of what you have taken are left strewn by the wayside. You have taken what came your way, but now it is time to accept the Giver and not merely His wares.

You take water from the fountain. That is good. You can also have the fountain. You can have the source of the water that feeds into the fountain. You can have the stream from which the water flows into the fountain and back again. Yes, of course, be glad for the cup you fill, but a cup is not the extent of water within your grasp.

Increase your desire.

A hungry dog accepts a bone that is tossed him. He takes the moment's satisfaction. He takes it as his due, and yet he is grateful for whatever favors are bestowed upon him. But even a dog knows there is more to life than a mere bone. He knows there is more than what he has received. He knows there is a hand that feeds him, and he also knows there is more than just the hand that tosses him food. He knows his master's eyes, and he looks for the love there, and so he gives his own.

Look into My eyes.

Look for yourself there.

Look for more than you have looked for.

Do not be desireless.

Be desireful.

Desire Me.

Desire All, not particles.

Desire the Father of All Creation.

Desiring the Creation alone is not enough.

Love the Creation, and desire the Creator.

Once upon a time, your whole world was the extent of your hand and your eyes. Then your world grew and led you to more. There was you, and there was your family, and there was your neighborhood, and there was your school, and then there were other places and other people and bigger books and greater knowledge. Each time you finished a book, you knew there was another one.

Now it is time for you to open the universe, fly to the galaxies, re-enter Heaven, find Me.

Of course, I am right here.

Accept no substitute.

Everything is a stepping-stone to Me, but your goal is not stepping-stones.

Your goal is I. Seek Me, and not polished stones, no matter how beautiful, how wise. Signs that point to Me are signs that point to Me. There are signs of Me everywhere. Consider them posters. A poster of Me is wonderful, but do not accept the poster as the God you seek.

Keep going. Do not stop.

There are many waves to the ocean.

There are many skies.

There are many horizons.

All lead to God, but they are not God.

God is God.

Have no other gods before Me.

I reside in you, and I reside in all.

But worship Me, and not the human beings I reside in.

See further.

See Me.

Hear Me.

Love Me.

Come to Me.

Stay with Me.

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Breathtaking and Live-Changing

Today, more than 14 1/2 years after it has been published, I red this heavenletter for the first time. It is breathtaking and live-changing.

Thank you, dear God, for these wonderful words! And many thanks to all who made it possible for me and all the others to read this incredibly touching and beautiful heavenletter. It's marvellous.


Dear Clemons, thank you for

Dear Clemons, thank you for sharing this Heavenletter. It was written down so many years ago, and it is still so fresh and new. I love it too.

Here are some lines that I especially loved -- and they are so simple.

Now it is time for you to open the universe, fly to the galaxies, re-enter Heaven, find Me.

Keep going. Do not stop.

There are many waves to the ocean.

Worship Me, and not the human beings I reside in.

Come to Me.

Stay with Me

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