Golden Light and Golden Love

God said:

Must My children think that something is the matter with them? In terms of life in the world, beloveds, you will never attain perfection, so let yourself be. Imperfect, you are perfect. Do you understand Me?

Self-Worth Is Honoring Truth

Gloria to God:

Dear God, sometimes I can't grasp the difference between loving myself and selfishness.


When anyone is selfish, you can be sure he does not love himself.

You know that by unselfish, we don't mean self-sacrificing. Sacrifice is opposed to truth. Sacrifice has an enormous hook.

Your Heart Is a Star of Light

God said:

My grace I give to you. All is My grace. I graciously bestow the world to you and you to the world. I am most gracious in My gifts to you. Sometimes you recognize My gifts as gifts and sometimes you do not. Surely, you must accept that life itself is a gift, and that it makes sense to receive and acknowledge a gift that has been given you. How will your life be different when you recognize life itself as a great gift? You will have thrown off any concepts of life as burden and accepted the grace of God.

God Be Praised

God said:

Beloveds, I am telling you how to see yourself. See yourself as the God Being that you are. It is for you to know what you are worth. Know it, and then be quiet about it. No one else needs to know. It is not for you to blab about. It is not for you to say a word about your worth. There are some things to be still about, and this is one. Keep your worth to yourself. In words I mean.

If You Welcomed All Seasons, What Would You Resist?

God said:

What if every single thing that occurs, no matter how it may seem, is the right thing? If you could know that all that befalls, no matter how distorted, has its value, how fraught with tension and worry could you then be? If all accidents were not accidents, if all crimes were not crimes, if all illness were not illness, how anxiety-ridden could you remain? If you knew that everything, no matter how uncalled for, served a good purpose, what would you bemoan? If you didn't ask why and try and try to figure out the ins and outs of events, how much time and energy would you conserve?

Be Your Own Prince

God said:

Beloveds, rally round yourselves. Be your own best friend. Give yourself all the support you wish others would give to you. Whose opinion really matters but yours and Mine?

And Yet…

God said:

You are an investor in life. You half-invest. You welcome life at the same time as you turn it away. You want and you don't want.

You are the same with death. You long for it, and you hide from it. You run away from it.

As you look at death, so you look at life.

You do not always deal well with change.

All of life is a transit from one moment to another. All is in transition. You slip from one moment to another. Your body changes minute by minute according to other changes. You are never the same, and yet you crave to be the same, as if a moment ago were better than this one now.

Love Yourself More

God said:

You have judged yourself the most harshly of all.

Even when you extol yourself, you extol yourself because you think you have to make up for something. You feel you need to accrue worth to you because you have judged yourself not worth much.

Judge yourself anew.

Lift your shoulders high. Remember Whose creation you are.

The King of Truth

God said:

Do not be stiff-necked. What can make you stiff-necked but judgment? Do not sit in judgment. You judge yourself and find yourself wanting.

Find yourself receiving and giving. You are not wanting. That is misjudgment. Do not look down. Look up. When you look up, you will see Me and My light that shines on you. Why look down to perturb yourself when you can look up at Me?

When you look up, I catch your eye. You answer My call to you. Hear Me so that you may be strong. Hear Me so that you may not hear your habit of voice that thinks ill of the world, the inhabitants of it, and yourself.

One God, Part I

God said:

Do not deify others. Deify means to make a god of. Do not. Learn from others and know they are learning from you as well. When you are their hearers, you are also their responders. When you are their audience, be it, but this does not make you subservient or worshipful to them.

Any love and wisdom you receive are from Me. There may be an interlocutor, but an interlocutor is not to be deified.

One God means One God. You do not make Me into a god. I am already God. I am God, for I am the Originator of you. You don't think that someone else created you, do you?

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