One God, Part I

God said:

Do not deify others. Deify means to make a god of. Do not. Learn from others and know they are learning from you as well. When you are their hearers, you are also their responders. When you are their audience, be it, but this does not make you subservient or worshipful to them.

Any love and wisdom you receive are from Me. There may be an interlocutor, but an interlocutor is not to be deified.

One God means One God. You do not make Me into a god. I am already God. I am God, for I am the Originator of you. You don't think that someone else created you, do you?

Others may open doors, and for that they are blessed, but a door-opener is a door-opener. A door-opener is not a god.

I exist within each of you. I dwell within you. But that does not make you into one to be bowed down to, nor does it make another. Do not enshrine another Human Being. Do not recreate him in My image. Do not endow him with any more than you endow yourself. It is not My Will that you lower yourself.

Treat all with respect.

I give great respect to all. Give My respect to all, and you will bow to none. Treat all the same, but do not revere any. Regard all with My eyes.

Do not give yourself away.

You are My gift to you. I gave you to you.

Share yourself, but do not give away the gift of yourself I gave you. I gave it to you. Hold the gift I gave you. I placed My gift of you in your hands, not in another's.

Honor yourself.

You are not in competition with another.

No one has to be higher or lower.

In truth, no one is.

Equal is equal.

When you feel a need to worship, worship Me. I am worshippable.

What does that mean? It means I am the most humble. I know Who I am. I know My abilities. Therefore I serve.

Your worship of Me is your gratefulness manifested.

Worship is awareness.

It is attention.

It is intention.

Have your intention be to know Me.

Worship will take care of itself.

Know Me.

Embrace Me.

See Me before you.

The more you know Me, the more you love.

Love Me.

Love others as well.

But love is not a tether.

Holy allegiance is to Me and not to another.

You do not put Me on a pedestal.

I walk among you.

And I carry you to Heaven.

No one else does.

It is important for you that you do not deify another.

And it is important to the other that you do not.

No one is more holy than you.

No one is more closely connected to Me than you.

Awake to yourself.

Be glad that another rouses you, but gratitude belongs to Me.

Your gratitude to Me keeps you on an even keel.

It keeps you in balance.

It keeps you in balance of love.

It keeps you intact.

Your gratitude to Me keeps you from frittering yourself away.

If I am the hub of a wheel, you are the spokes. Spokes are evenly placed. All spokes emanate from the hub. No spoke holds a greater place than another.

Know that greatness exists.

And know it exists within you.

That is what you must discover. Yourself, not another.

If you must be a protégé, be Mine.

Apostle yourself to Me.

Accept helping hands, but know they do not lift you to themselves. They raise you to Me.

You want to reach the summit of the mountain, don't you?

You don't want to stop halfway up, do you?

You want to reach Me, and you do that fully on your own. You are glad for all the helpers on earth, but do not aspire to reach to them, for they do not have the power to hold you for long or to take you all the way to Me.

Reach out your arms to Me.

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