One God, Part II

God said:

What I am trying to say is that credit goes to the Giver of the blessing, not to the deliverer of the blessing. Just as when a great check comes to you in the mail, you may thank the mailman for dropping off the check, but it is the writer of the check that you really thank.

Credit your teachers for sharing knowledge with you, but thank Me for the knowledge.

You do well to give credit where it belongs for many reasons. But the main reason is that by so doing you remember Truth. For the Truth is that I am the Giver.

Put your gratitude in the right place so that the path between us is pure and clear. No one needs to be in the middle of Our love. There is no stopping-off place for your love for Me. Give your love directly to Me. Do not dilute it.

When you revere another Human being, you are trying to find favor with them. You want them to notice you and look into your eyes, but it is My eyes that already favor you. It is My eyes that you seek, and My eyes that will fulfill you. The eyes of man cannot.

You have one Father, and I am He.

I have one son, and that is you.

Our love is a straight arrow.

It pierces Our hearts.

That piercing is an opening that allows acceptance.

Our love is a beam of light that flows from Me to you and back again. The rays of Our love are straight.

The rays are the spokes from the hub of the wheel that radiate back and forth.

The rays of your individual love may reach other spokes, but each spoke is its own light. The line of love goes from Me to you, and you to Me. It is direct current, Our beingness of love.

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