One God, Part II

God said:

What I am trying to say is that credit goes to the Giver of the blessing, not to the deliverer of the blessing. Just as when a great check comes to you in the mail, you may thank the mailman for dropping off the check, but it is the writer of the check that you really thank.

Credit your teachers for sharing knowledge with you, but thank Me for the knowledge.

You do well to give credit where it belongs for many reasons. But the main reason is that by so doing you remember Truth. For the Truth is that I am the Giver.

One God, Part I

God said:

Do not deify others. Deify means to make a god of. Do not. Learn from others and know they are learning from you as well. When you are their hearers, you are also their responders. When you are their audience, be it, but this does not make you subservient or worshipful to them.

Any love and wisdom you receive are from Me. There may be an interlocutor, but an interlocutor is not to be deified.

One God means One God. You do not make Me into a god. I am already God. I am God, for I am the Originator of you. You don't think that someone else created you, do you?

Give Up Hero Worship, Part III

God said:

Hero worship is giving up your freedom. It is giving responsibility for your welfare to another. That makes you responsible to another rather than to yourself or to Me. But they will not be responsible to you. They will be responsible to themselves, and that is how you allow yourself to be used.

I will use you. I will use you like a wand that swirls light as it is waved. I will use you for the betterment of all, not just for one or another. And I never leave you out or forget you or pander to your weaknesses. I don't take advantage.

Seek fame and glory with Me, no other.

Give Up Hero Worship, Part II

God said:

When your feelings get hurt, you are believing in what someone else says or does, and that is hero worship.

When you envy someone, that is hero worship.

When you assume that someone knows more than you, that is hero worship.

When you give your power away to someone or anything, when you take someone else's advice without letting it go through your heart, that is hero worship.

When you try to please another, when you try to make another love you or value you, that is hero worship.

When you try to live up to someone else's picture of you, that is hero worship.

Give Up Hero Worship, Part I

God said:

When you are not so involved in the events of your life, you do see its circumlocutions as parts of a dream. When you wake up from your dream, you see that all your beliefs were only wisps of dreamery. You have shoveled your dreamed beliefs of life and piled them up around you. And others shovel fast as well, and the dirt spills over. And so your dreams blend, and you think you live the same one, and so you do share your illusions.

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