Give Up Hero Worship, Part I

God said:

When you are not so involved in the events of your life, you do see its circumlocutions as parts of a dream. When you wake up from your dream, you see that all your beliefs were only wisps of dreamery. You have shoveled your dreamed beliefs of life and piled them up around you. And others shovel fast as well, and the dirt spills over. And so your dreams blend, and you think you live the same one, and so you do share your illusions.

That which is not dreamed, that which is the basis of your dreams, that, indeed, you share. That which is undreamed of you share. Truth you share. You are coming to know truth so that you can share what is true.

When you are not so attached to whatever you are attached to, you stand from a higher platform. You view your life from the eyes of truth. You walk the same roads, you perform the same work, you accompany the same people, but you are different because you rise above circumstances to your true stature. Your true stature has nothing to do with circumstances.

That is the first idea you must give up, your faith in circumstances, because that idea calls blame and judgment to you, and blame and judgment make you feel weak, not strong. Delusion does not strengthen you. Its untruth weakens you.

The second idea you must give up is that anything has to be different from what it is. Give up your idea that something must change and change right now, and give up your equally outdated idea that it must stay the same. Things in life will change. You can be sure of that, but you are not the changer. You are the affector of your life, but you are not the changer of it. You do not shake change into existence. This, however, does not mean you are powerless.

The third idea that you are leaving behind you is the very idea that you are powerless. You are not rudderless. You have your bearings in life. You are powerful because I have given you everything, and you have unlimited resources.

Here's the conundrum:

You have unlimited power, and yet you are not the changer of your life.

Here is the understanding:

What you change is your vision because it is your present vision that constricts your life. Expand your vision, and your life leaps forward.

Consider yourself more of a seer than a doer, for as soon as you view your life from another angle, it is changed. Consider another perspective, will you?

Belief is a prediction. So your beliefs must change.

Really, what you have to do is go beyond your beliefs.

Go beyond belief actually. Drop all beliefs. Drop them. Beliefs are stored things. You are clearing the warehouse.

Your limited beliefs have held you back.

Here is what to believe in. Believe in your desires. They may change. They will change. But believe in your desires as they call you.

Greater desires call you as your vision grows. You cannot keep your same desires because you are not the same. Believe in your deepest desires because they come from your deepest heart.

When you see life more clearly, less involvedly, you call greatness to you. You step out of smallness. Now you are getting into Greatness by stepping out of yourself.

Feel My light filling you. Feel My light surrounding you. Now, what do you desire?

Do you desire greatness? For that, desire Truth.

Do you desire greater vision? Desire Mine. Walk with Me. And you will see such grand sights. You will see transformation of all you have thought and all you have believed.

Do not hero-worship any longer. No one is greater than you.

You have worshipped fantasy.

Honor yourself. That is the same as honoring the love and wisdom from which you came and which you hold right now in the palm of your hand.

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