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God Loves

God said:

When I so often tell you to let go of the past, you may wonder about remembering Christ at this season, or remembering Buddha and Mohammed in their seasons and all the Great Hearts who knew how to love. Is there to be only selective remembering, you wonder.

There is one thing to remember, not dates, not past events, but Who You Are. To do that, your thinking must expand. What do thoughts of the Great Ones do but expand your thinking? They would give you their consciousness. They want you to have it. And they say, "Here, take it. It is yours now. Look within."

More of What Love Is About

God said:

The expression "Love everlasting" isn't quite correct because there is no corollary to the permanence of love. It cannot unlast. It can only be. It is all that can be. Nothing else is nor can be. Love can be kicked around — it is kicked around — and yet it is still love and it is unaffected.

What Love Is

God said:

I will never let you down. You scoff at that. But know that this is so. All of life on Earth may not present itself to you the way you would like, but that does not mean that I let you down. I fulfill My promise to you. My promise to you is to love you with all My heart. I love you no matter what regardless of anything. My love cannot abandon you. It is you who finds it hard to love no matter what.

The Key to the Kingdom

God said:

Why do you believe so much in separation? Why do you believe there are those who are in and those who are out? Do you really think that I exclude anyone or evict them? Or that My son Christ would?

Christ was an embrace. He was a consciousness. Consider him a portal of consciousness. In the world, you pass through that portal in order to reach Me. Christ was not a separator. He did not make anyone jump through hoops. He accepted you. Like Me, he saw the Truth of you.

In the Net of God's Love

God said:

Setting yourself before God means to know where you are. You are already before Me. Now set your awareness here. Give it to Me as a gift to yourself. Without Me, you are lonely. You seek this and that. You know not what you seek. But, all the while, you are seeking Me. I am the Umbrella you seek to go under. Come to Me in rain, and come to Me in sun. Just come to Me. Bring your awareness to Me. It is safe with Me.

As It Is in Heaven

God said:

What is there to speak of but love? You talk enough among yourselves about everything under the sun but not enough about love. No matter how you yearn for love, somehow it is not quite the topic of the day, as if love were surreptitious, something thought of but not to be spoken of in polite society.

Complaints about love seem to be acceptable. Love turned out not quite admirably, and that is considered worthy of discussion. Broken hearts are timely. Pain resulting from love is extolled, as if your great love meant great hurt.

Lettere d'amore da Dio

God said:

What do I hear that is even more beautiful than Heavenletters in the language of Italy, you ask?

You Are the Moon of My Love

God said:

There is not a day without sun. Bright or cloudy, the sun is shining. The sun follows its route and it does what it does, and that is to shine. It shines well. It shines on you.

The sun cuts through shadows. Shadows would not exist without sunshine. The sun reaches into every crevice, and it reaches into you. Even the center of the earth is affected by the sun's rays. There is nothing in creation that is not affected by the sun. Do not underestimate the value and the power of the sun.

In Praise of God

God said:

"Well, dear God, holy God, God of my Heart, I am Yours. I give myself to You Who gave myself to me. When I speak to You, all pettiness leaves my heart. I cannot remember what was on my mind. With You in my heart, my mind vanishes, and there is only You, and there is only I, and We are not twain but One. I am One with You, dear God. You fill my heart with Our Oneness. I am replete.

Allow and Be Innocent

God said:

You think you have to understand everything when you hardly know anything.

Understanding isn't what you need.

Allowing Me and My love and wisdom is what you need.

Take yourself off the hook.

Put down your swords.

You have a Protector and a Guide and a Lover and a Sage. You have a Joy-Giver.

Look at My beloved animals. Emulate them.

They follow you happily.

Your dog jumps into the car.

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