God Loves

God said:

When I so often tell you to let go of the past, you may wonder about remembering Christ at this season, or remembering Buddha and Mohammed in their seasons and all the Great Hearts who knew how to love. Is there to be only selective remembering, you wonder.

There is one thing to remember, not dates, not past events, but Who You Are. To do that, your thinking must expand. What do thoughts of the Great Ones do but expand your thinking? They would give you their consciousness. They want you to have it. And they say, "Here, take it. It is yours now. Look within."

Have not the Great Ones poured jewels before you? They were not thinking of themselves. They were thinking of you. Of course, they would have been too uncomfortable not to share with you. In that sense they had no choice. Nor do you. But that is another matter.

Even though you were yet to be born, the Great Ones had you in mind, and they want you to remember their messages of peace and love so that, by your awareness, you will light up the world in their place. They invite you to rise above your immediate self to your Greater Self and all the love it entails.

Christ wants more than for you to remember his birth and death. He wants you to recognize your Oneness with him. He wants you to know that it is not egotistic of you to be aware of — not only of the possibility — but the instantaneous Truth of your Selfdom. Heretofore, you have been aware of your serfdom. "If you but knew," Christ says. "If you but knew, you would have instant awareness of the holiness of man and God." He would have you know your holiness. He says, "It is incumbent that you know who you are. And it is inevitable that you will."

Christ gave you signs that he would like you to follow for they lead you further and deeper into your awareness of your Self, which is to say, Heaven. He continues to open the door for you now, and says, "Enter." He says, "Please come with me." He beckons and ushers you into the Palace of Heaven. To gain admittance, all you have to do is enter. No more than that. He waves you forward.

Christ did not wait for any man to declare him. He ushered himself into Heaven. He did not wait for any man nor did he wait for Me. He knew My Will, and he followed it because it was his own. He accepted My Will as his own, for he saw that it was.

Christ strode on the Earth. He did not tiptoe. Wherever he stepped, it was golden. He turned dross into gold. He was an alchemist who took Human defeat and transformed it into health and vision and love. He was an alchemist of love. There was nothing else for him to do but be the love he was. He did not pretend that he was less. He was humble. He knew it was not humble to pretend to himself or anyone that he was less than he was. He did not try to make other people feel more important than he. He did not play games. He lived, he loved. His love conquered desultoriness.

Christ lived in a small radius of space and of time, and yet his work — his love — is timeless and reaches everywhere, for it is Mine. What makes you so convinced that you are less than Christ and that you must ever be less? Convince yourself otherwise. Take hold of the brass rail. Declare to yourself your relationship with Me. It is your ears that must hear. No one else's.

Do you really believe that I loved Christ more than I love you?

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