What Is Practical?

God said:

The unhappiness you dwell on in life is like a vortex that catches you. It is an eddy of thought that pulls you down to its circular depths. When you stay there long enough, you add depression to your angst. You feel in proportion to the thoughts you have. Change your thinking, and all else will change.

It is not hard work to change your thoughts. It's just awareness. When your thoughts are self-defeating, remind yourself of alternate thoughts.

Do not keep negativity to you in thrall to the misguided thought that you must be practical. To dwell on what takes away from your well-being is hardly practical.

When someone gives you a gift, a knitted sweater for instance, you do not point out every flaw. You look at the sweater as a whole, and you appreciate what there is to appreciate. You do not feel that it is practical or realistic to point out a dropped stitch here or a too tight stitch there.

And yet, to yourself and to Me, too often you think you must point out the holes in Creation. Perhaps you think you honor Me with your suggestions! Remember, I read your mind. There is nothing you have to point out to Me. I see as I see, and yet I am consummately aware of your faulty vision.

Of course, you might say: "Well, God, it's easy for you to point out our Human frailty."

Let Me ask you: "Do you see the difference between My attempts at educating you and yours at educating Me? If I present you with gold, must you present Me with tin? What do you answer me now?"

You say, "Well, God, I want to make sure you know how it is. You walk in a palace. And I trod on Earth."

And I say: "I walk with you. I traverse the path with you. I do not miss a beat."

And you say: "Well, God, that may be so. Yet you walk in light, and I in darkness."

And I say: "Well, beloved, you walk in My light."

Beloveds, it is not that I need your encouragement. I do not need to hear compliments from you about My Creation. It is you who needs to hear them. It is not I who needs to adjust My thinking. It is you who does. It is you who needs to point out the beauty of creation to yourself. The world needs your stamp of approval. It already has Mine. It is your sight that needs attuning, not Mine.

Do you possibly think that I would be impressed with your ability to point out the negative that your eyes and mind pounce on as proof of an inferior creation? Let not inferiority be your truth. Let nobleness be.

You may say that I gave you Creation as an umbrella, and now, in disquietude, you tell Me it is full of holes and you get rained on. You think I am blind when I say, No, the umbrella is holy.

If you are sheep, come back to the fold. The fold is where you belong. The fold is not a hiding-place. It is a place from which you see.

Will you kindly welcome life and welcome yourself to it? Will you consider that it is a Rich Tapestry you weave? Will you consider that this is a Great Novel you live in written by an Author of Unsurpassed Skill? Will you consider that you are the Journeying Hero in this Classic never before written, and that you are the first and foremost to run across its pages?

Is it not something wonderful to be alive in this imaginary Universe in this imaginary time? Is it not propitious that We are here?