From Where Gratitude Comes

God said:

It is not that gratitude must be expressed. It just must be felt. It is more important to feel appreciation than to say Thank you. With gratitude, you have accepted love. Accept it. Accept it.

Gratitude is not deference. It is awareness. Be grateful for awareness. Awareness opens doors. It lets you enter joy. Feel the difference in the vibration of thankfulness and the vibration of blaséness. Which one enlivens?

Gratitude is innocent. It is not a big display. It is a little awareness. Let gratefulness precede you. It need not follow. Gratitude belongs before the fact.

Consider that you wear robes of gratefulness. Such robes are recognized. And then more gifts are given to you who gifts accept, and accept in your heart before they are proffered. Multiply the riches Earth has for you.

When you know who you are, you can only feel gratitude. You become overwhelmed in its currents of joy.

Thank you is a merry song. Let your heart allow gratitude.

Your cup runneth over. Acknowledge it. And then fill it up some more.

Leave tips for yourself. Gratitude is one of them. Pour a shower of gratitude over yourself. Gratitude longs to be beheld. Behold it.

Kiss the Earth you walk on. Kiss all beings who walk on it with you. No matter what direction they may go in, kiss all with your heart. Offer blessings to all who cross your path. May they remind you of gratitude.

Gratitude is great energy. No one declares war when his heart is on fire with gratitude. Gratitude is a simple love. Love is simple. Pure love is simpler.

Nod your gratefulness to the universe.

Thank Me for giving you Being.

Thank Me for your Humanness.

Thank Me for your Godliness.

Thank Me for everyone and everything.

Life is spread before you. Thank Me that you have choices. Thank Me for the free will you have. No need to live by default.

Yours is a world of all possibilities. Yours is a life of all possibilities. Be glad. There are so many notes on the musical scale, yet more music is created than there are notes. There are so many words in language, and yet combinations are ever new. Even dresses come in all styles. Is there a limit? Why would life on Earth not be infinite? Infinite means possibilities. And infinite are your possibilities.

Explore the vast universe before you. Visit it with your heart. Bring all the stars and meteors to you. Bring the Sun and the Moon. Bring light. With your acknowledgement of appreciation, you share the light of the Sun and the light of the Moon. Appreciation itself is a great light on Earth. It lightens hearts, especially your own.

For your sake, be grateful. Let your sense of gratitude emanate from you unnamed. Be an anonymous donor of gratitude. Let it be your style. Gratitude just is, and it is enough that it is.

Be glad for all the colors in the world. Rainbows are made from them.

Be glad for all the sounds in the world, for music is made from them.

Be grateful for the sights in the world and your ability to see, for from them art and beauty come.

Be grateful for the smells that attune you. Imagine the wondrousness that invented the scents of fresh rain and flower gardens.

Be grateful for your sense of taste and your appetite that nourish and help you pass the time, imagined as it is.

Be grateful.

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Be grateful for your sense

Be grateful for your sense of taste and your appetite that nourish and help you pass the time, imagined as it is.

Apart from being very funny, this strikes me as deeply significant, although I don't know what the significance is.