You Are the Moon of My Love

God said:

There is not a day without sun. Bright or cloudy, the sun is shining. The sun follows its route and it does what it does, and that is to shine. It shines well. It shines on you.

The sun cuts through shadows. Shadows would not exist without sunshine. The sun reaches into every crevice, and it reaches into you. Even the center of the earth is affected by the sun's rays. There is nothing in creation that is not affected by the sun. Do not underestimate the value and the power of the sun.

The day wears the tiara of the Sun. And the night is ruled by the Moon which glows by virtue of the Sun. Without the Sun, there would be no Moon to gaze upon. You know the craters of the Moon through the deflection of the Sun.

How amiably the Sun shares itself night and day!

Be you a Sun that roams the world, casting its light right and left, high and low. Your light is translated into love. Let your love shine before all men. Let your love wind itself around the universe. Let it engulf all of mankind. Let your love be My scepter. Your love is My scepter. You are the moon of My love.

What else is there for Me to say?

I scattered My love on Earth, and I gave it to you to pick up and carry as you would an Olympic torch. Truly, the Olympic torch emulates the love that you carry. The torch is symbolic of love that never skips a beat. It is passed on from one to another with fervor, never dropped, never dimming, never going out, never lost, always existent, always burning brightly, always traveling at lightning speed, always given and always received, always reported, always keeping up, always flagrant in propelling itself throughout the universe.

Love can never stop. It can be unnoticed however, but not for long. There is an end to forgetfulness. There is an end to everything except love. The only Truth there is is love. Don't you ever forget it.

You are a dispenser of My love. My love never runs out. Nor can you run out of it.

No matter how constrained your heart, it palpitates love. Love is the only palpable thing on Earth. Love is shining gold.

Love is the medium of the universe. It is not true that love conquers all, because there is nothing to conquer. Love is the unconquerable hero. Love comes to the rescue. Nothing else does.

Love is like a head waiter who ushers you to your seat in the restaurant of life where love is served. Everyone helps themselves, and everyone fills everyone's plate. There is nothing to serve and there is nothing to share but love. Love is on the menu. Served in varied ways, it is still love. Love is the miracle. There is no miracle without it.

If you cannot feel great love in your heart this moment, if you feel only the absence of it, put a marker there and notice how love rises. Like the Sun, love fills the universe. It is easy for love to fill your heart. Your heart is being filled now. Look, it is starting to overflow.

The love in your heart does not have to overflow to a certain spot. It just has to overflow. By its nature, love overflows from your heart. This is your destiny. This is your purpose on Earth. This is your persuasion.