What Love Is

God said:

I will never let you down. You scoff at that. But know that this is so. All of life on Earth may not present itself to you the way you would like, but that does not mean that I let you down. I fulfill My promise to you. My promise to you is to love you with all My heart. I love you no matter what regardless of anything. My love cannot abandon you. It is you who finds it hard to love no matter what.

When life does not go as you would like, you think you are being punished. When life goes the way you like, you think you are being rewarded. But My love is neither reward nor punishment. My love is love.

When you feel love is absent, it is absent from your thought and perhaps hidden in your heart, sequestered there like a jury ready to decide your fate.

But your fate is love. You have no other. If love is not dependent upon what goes on in the surface of life, then love is independent of everything. Love is not a crust of bread given to you.

How can there be God's love, you cry, when there is death? And yet you really do know that death of the body is a blessing. Surely it is more than inconvenience.

Where is God's love, you cry, when there is illness, imprisonment, unkindness of any kind? Where has love gone, you cry.

But My love cannot go anywhere. It is everywhere. The world is neither proof of love nor proof that love is not. The world proves nothing. If the world proves anything, it proves that love is crying out to be recognized and shared.

If you feel abandoned, or you watch others feeling abandoned, know that abandonment does not exist. If you are marooned on an island, you are not alone. If you are being executed, you are not alone.

That is small comfort, you cry out. But love is not measured in comfort. Love cannot be measured at all.

Look not for comfort. Look to give love. All of life is to teach you that you are love. Don't miss out on the chances life gives you. The harder it is for you to see love, feel it, and give it, the more you must find it to give. And you will.

If there is no music where you are, hear it in your mind then. Where there is music, love is. Where there is a single leaf, love is. Where you are, love is.

What do you gain by disputing love? It takes no talent to dispute it. Anyone can do that. It is equally true that anyone can find love wherever they are as well. That takes no talent either. It takes a willingness.

And, if, as you look around you, you see no love, then look within and find some. In the darkest corners, there is love. In the darkest night, there is light shining. In darkness of soul, there is still light. You are Being, beloveds. All is irrelevant next to that, regardless of what occupies you more. Start espousing love. Whatever anyone else does, you are one who loves. Who needs your love more than those who oppress you? In your darkest hour, do not oppress yourself. Love instead.

Do not draw conclusions from life as it is presented to you. You do not find your answers in the world, for the world struggles, and love does not. Love lasts and cannot be gone.

Be then — in whatever circumstances you find yourself — be then one who loves, for then you are in Truth and you do not abandon yourself.

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