In the Presence of Greatness

God said:

Sometimes you feel such great love for Me that you fear you cannot contain it. You, who are the sum total of My love, fear you are not equal to it.

You are right that you are more than a container, for you are the content and extent of My love. If you were a container, there would be a line drawn around you, and there is no line. Light does not have lines. It has rays. And you are one of them.

Are the rays of the sun different from the Sun? Where does the Sun begin and its rays end? Where do you begin and end, and where do I? There is no difference. There is no beginning or ending. There is existence, and nothing is between Us but Ourselves, so nothing is between Us. We are One.

And that is a lovely thing to be, One with you. I created you for Me, and you are for Me. I made you on My lathe. I whirled you, and you turned out to be a glorious Human being made by the hand of God. You are God-made. Made in Heaven you were by the hand of God, and you are ministered to by angels.

Angels are rays of My thought, and you are a ray of My thought. You are close at hand. You are closer to Me than My hand. You are My hands.

Perhaps you think you move yourself, but I am the Mover of you. You are magnetized by the light of God, and you draw ever nearer only in metaphor, because there is no nearer to come to than in My heart where you already are.

The hand is connected to the heart. Your hand is an extension of your heart. It does your heart's bidding, as you do Mine. I press your hands close to My heart. I press My hand to your heart. Our hearts are entwined. There is no separation. There are no parts. There is only Oneness of Being.

We are together.

You feel overwhelmed with Our love. Get used to it. You will never be weaned. We were made for each other. We are twin vines. Each weaves through the other, and the vine is One.

We shall make greatness of Our love. From Our love shall come greatness. From Our love has come greatness. It has already arrived, for Our love cannot be separated from greatness.

You are woven of My love. I threaded you. You are the waves of My love I wove. You are My destiny. You are destined to fulfill Me, you who are My fulfillment.

How simple are We in Our greatness! Our greatness includes everything, and that everything is the simplest of all. There are no decisions to make. There are no exclusions. There is only inclusion. There is only embrace. There is only Oneness.

Unfurl yourself. Stop being wrapped up in yourself. Blooming is unfurling. Blooming is nothing but opening up. It is nothing added. Blooming is itself revealed. Now it is the springtime for you to reveal yourself. And that is the same as to say to reveal Me.

How do you reveal Me? You reveal Our Oneness by owning it. Claim what you own. All have deeds to the same Oneness. There is fullness of Oneness. Empty yourself of the extraneous thoughts, and then you have fullness of awareness of Me. What more could you want than the realization of Me?

Realization of Me is acknowledging the Reality in your sight. Realization is when you see that We are One Light forever shining. No longer do you see lines. You see radiating light, and you know it is Ours. Enlightenment is the realization of what already is. It isn't the making of anything. There is nothing that has to be added to you. You just have to believe what you see in your heart. You have to believe what you already know.

You have had glimpses. Don't deny it, for that would be denying your truth. Now keep focused on what you have already seen. Keep your eyes on Me, for I am your Self radiating far and wide. You are in the presence of greatness.

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Continual inclusion and embracement of God. Oh yes!