This Pool of Light

God said:

When you fight something, consider what it is that you are fighting. Probably you are fighting for control. You want to be the sayer. But you are the observer. You cannot control the mistakes other people make, and it is a mistake of yours to try.

There is no big deal for you to take care of. Events in life fall where they may. They may not be to your liking. They may not make sense, but they are not under your will.

What is under your will? What is yours to control? How you will react, and what your action will be. Those are up to you.

What is handed to you may not be under your conscious control, but it is nevertheless yours to deal with. Some will say you attracted it, but then that is trying to figure out the unfigurable. Attend now to what you have to deal with. Deal with it and move on.

Life is such a blessing, and the blessing is to live it.

You are scaling a mountain. Sometimes you seem to slip. Sometimes you scrape your knee. Sometimes you see others seem to fall. But all have a lifeline.

What you can do for yourself and for others is to keep climbing. Soon you will see the heights you have climbed, and you will see how your climb has lifted others.

Sometimes it may seem to you that you are climbing a slick mountain made of melting ice, and that you keep slipping and getting nowhere. But your mountain has footholds.

If you were not enmeshed in time and space, you wouldn't be seeing heights to scale and distances to reach. You would see yourself enshrined in a valley of light. You would see light, and you would know that the light you see is you. You have been merely digging shadows out of the way. You have been polishing light as you radiate it. And it is yourself that you shine the light on so that you can reveal yourself to yourself.

It is you who must see. I already see.

But it is not for yourself alone that you must see. Nothing is at stake, yet everything is at stake. Your inviolable truth is at stake in your own heart and nowhere else. But when you spot your light, then you light up the hearts of others in recognition of themselves. You will start a landslide of light awareness. Everyone has been waiting for you.

All this time you have thought you were a cog in the wheel. There are no cogs in My wheel. All that I have set in motion is spinning, and no less you. You are spinning Heavenward from whence you came.

You are a boomerang I sent to Earth.

You think you move slowly, but time is an illusion, so then "slowly" is an illusion. You move fast enough. You are catching up to yourself. You are locating yourself. All the while you cannot have dis-located yourself, but still you are searching. You cannot be lost from yourself, or even to yourself. But still you are looking.

That you need to be found is all an aberration of the mind. It is a dislocated thought, for you are exactly where you have always been, and that is where I see you, not where you may have thought you were.

You have never been lost, and it is only you who must find yourself. You will find yourself in trust. Trust what I say to you, and you will find that which you have sought.

Come, look in this clear pool of water lit up by the wonder of you. Come see what I see. Come now! Don't wait for later, for now is the occasion of Our eyes meeting in this pool of light.