God said:

Never mind if you believe in Me. It is enough to believe in Godness. Godness I am.

I am a Truth-Sayer and a Truth-Giver.

I am a Hound of Truth.

I am Truth and the Essence of It.

I am all-good, for I am All-God.

What would God be? That Which I Am.

I am your Mentor.

I am your Far-Seer.

I am your Benefactor.

I am your Deliverer.

But I am not a Tooth Fairy, I am not a Fairy Godmother, and I am not Santa Claus — as you think of them.

And yet I am they too.

I give to you.

I give all to you.

And you have it.

When you think of a Fairy Godmother you think you need more direction and guidance.

When you think of the Tooth Fairy, you think you need reward.

When you think of Santa Claus, you think of being satiated with the fulfillment of all your worldly desires and to have new greater ones next year. All the new year you will store up your desires for shiny new things.

In truth, you desire shining light, that which shines without tarnish, without rust, without batteries.

All the time, what you really yearn for is True Light.

All the material things light you up for but a moment, but True Light does not dim. It is not dim now. Only your perception of it is dim.

Undim your perception.

Know clearly and decisively that for which you seek.

Seek for no substitutes.

Seek for the real thing, and that is I, and that is you.

In this regard, be wary of what you spend money on and why you spend it. What you spend money on will not bring you what you desire. The material you seek does not bring you its promise. All the promises are false. They are short-lived. You put your energy and thoughts and money into them. The money is the least thing. What you give with the money is yourself. You pay money to sell yourself on something that does not begin to be worth the exchange of yourself.

Spending money is like having fame. For a moment, you are a star or a hero that rescues an object, and for that, you gain applause. But the applause is not for you. It is for the sale. Your money was spent for illusion, and the applause is also illusion.

Be aware of what you applaud yourself for.

Anyone who has money can spend it. It is no great thing. Spending a million dollars seems more exciting than spending a dollar, but the transaction is the same.

It is money spent on illusion.

You know this is true.

I am not telling you not to spend money.

I am telling you not to put your trust in illusion but in truth.

You have been led to madly desire that which is 100% guaranteed to disappoint.

You need only a little desire for that which will bestow Allness. The desire for light is not limited. It is not selfish. When you gain light, you gain it for all around you. It cannot be kept to yourself.

Be wary of selfishness, for it is not your true nature. It is a protective device you assume, as false as all the others.

When you are selfish, you hide yourself. You keep to yourself. You keep illusion to yourself. But you are on earth to reveal, not to keep.

Get in practice. Reveal your generosity of heart.

The point of the story of the fishes and loaves is that when you share, you have more. That is the miracle. Sharing increases, and non-sharing decreases. Sharing gives you wealth, and non-sharing decreases wealth.

It is happiness you are looking for.

When you buy a persimmon, buy two, and give one to another. Give it anonymously. For then you give the applause to the universe and take it not unto yourself.

For, in truth, the persimmon comes from Me. And that is the message you pass along. And as you pass along Truth and Godness, that is how you open up the horizons and take greatness as your own and restore yourself to Me.

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To share is to be bountiful. We can never truly keep everything to ourself because everything belongs to all. As the Spanish saying goes... "Mi casa su casa". Dear Lord, we all live in the house of Universal Love. -We can't keep everything to our self because it is already shared by all- A beautiful truth, You have shown to us. Owning everything is an illusion. Dear Lord, thank you for this divine heaven letter. It struck my heart with truth and joy.

WIth love always xo