The Game of Life

God said:

Nothing is what it seems because you have thought awry.

Things seem the way they seem because you have interpreted them, or have been taught to analyze them in a certain way. You have believed others' words more than what you see and feel. You have ignored what you feel. You have predicted what you will see. You have mandated what you will see. And you are afraid to break the chain.

When you do not color what you see, then you will see.

Maybe you have to close your eyes in order to see.

You have let others tell lies to you, and then you tell lies to yourself. You even pay money for lies. Something else than what you would have yourself believe is going on. You get swept up in you-know-not-what. You bet on things, and yet what can be reliable in the temporary games you blindly enter and call something else?

Today listen to your heart of truth, and do not be beguiled.

You beguile yourself.

It is always you.

You choose to.

You would rather listen to lies than the truth of what your heart tells you. You like to buy a bill of goods.

If you want to win a race, you have to start at the starting line. You cannot skip around, go in and out, or start in the middle. That is kidding yourself.

Do not be so quick to join things. What you think you join and what you join may not be the same.

What looks beautiful on the outside may not be in the inside. Like people in disguises.

You must allow yourself to go beyond disguises.

The story of Christ dressed as a beggar is well-known. The story of the beggar disguised to look like Christ is less known. My children like to be fooled. They desire to be fooled. They are looking to be fooled because they think that there is something in the world that will save them. From what do you need to be saved? From illusion, the very thing you chase.

Do not look for the world to save you.

Look to Me and look to yourself.

Look squarely.

Life is not a game of Let's Pretend.

It is a game of Seek Truth.

Truth is not terrible.

It is honest.

What is it you are afraid to face?

There are clues all around you, and you ignore them.

You blindfold yourself.

You play a game with yourself.

You are afraid to look.

Other people are not the extent of you.

They are not the makers of you.

They are not the rulers of you.

They may be less than what you like to think, and you are assuredly more.

Look not for truth outside you.

Look for it within you.

You do not need to engage in the surface games of life.

Doesn't that statement help you to breathe?

When you open your eyes and see beyond the surface, you will not be disappointed.

When you get past your fear of truth, you will no longer dissemble. When you no longer dissemble, more truth will appear.

Truth is not named. It is not a name of truth that you seek.

Many of My dear children look to be called wise, or successful, or enlightened, or have bright-lighted experiences. But it is not the name to be sought after. You do not need to be dubbed. You do not need to be anointed. You are wise, or you are not, or you are sometimes wise and sometimes not. But what has that to do with truth?

You want someone to tell you something.

You want to hear it.

But what is the worth of whatever someone tells you?

You are eager for enlightenment. As you have seemingly chased after it, you have been running away from it. Enlightenment is not run to. You cannot chase it.

Enlightenment is what is left when untruth leaves.

Look not to be enlightened.

Look to move to Me.

Look to the Light, not to a name for the lighted.

Do not look for someone to turn the switch on for you. It is already on. You need no one else.

Just look to the Light.

A name is a murmur of sound.

Looking for the name is looking for recognition.

Bypass recognition.

Look for Me, and I will have found you.

Look for faith in the ennoblement of truth.

I see you.

You are beautiful.

Throw off your disguise that is not you, and come to Me.

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The brilliance can be frightening because we have been taught to not know it. Yet we yearn for it. We search for it. We ask others for it. This misconception keeps us locked in thought. As we feel and open to ourselves we experience our own light. The truth resides deep within us. There can be no denial of the truth and the oneness of who we are. We portray ourselves as small and unworthy but as we face our darkest fears we bring out the light from within and we stand in wonder of who we are, brilliant, full and wonderful creatures sharing with each other in the joy of life. Search not in the outside but instead within and let your light shine with brilliance and gratitude for you stand with Him not outside Him.