Be the Greatness That You Are

God said:

God is true to you. It is nothing for God to be true to you, for there is nothing that He can be false with.

And, if you were false with nothing, you would be simply and clearly true to God, for God and Truth are the same.

You have many concerns, and they are all illusion.

All you have is Me.


Anything else is an idle fluctuation on the course of Our love.

The other day I suggested that, as an experiment, you reverse your thinking to see what you come up with. What you have discovered is that nothing is as you thought.

Your thoughts do not have to stay the same. They do not have to repeat themselves. You can change them. And that is beautiful. And you will also discover the underpinnings of that, that things appear as you think they are.

You, also, on the surface, perform as you think you are.

You paint a picture of yourself, and you live up to it. Whatever it may be.

Erase the pictures of yourself, for they are delusion. All the ones you put yourself down with and all the ones you pull yourself up with are unnecessary and incomplete.

In truth, My child is not capable of being pulled down nor up, for My child is the true stillness of Me. When you remove all falsehood and delusion, what remains but the Oneness of you and Me?

That is all there is, and that is all there ever was. You and I. In toto. And what We are cannot be changed or taken away. It cannot be less, and it cannot be more, for there is no more to what We are. There cannot be more than totality. Can eternity be more than it is? Can it be less?

Simply stated, We are.

Anything else is illusion. Or delusion.

There is only you and I. I say only, but I mean truly magnificently you and I. We are the true, and We are the magnificent. That is the whole story.

But you like to depart from it.

You like side-trips. Excursions.

But excursions are all in your mind, for you never, not for one minute in the illusion of time, step out of My light. That is the one impossibility. And yet you uphold that possibility for dear life. You make scrimmages. You make emotions. You make scenes, for you have liked what you imagine and have called it life.

You do not need to wait. There is nothing to wait for. You do not have to arrive. You never left. You and I are inextricably entwined. We are together. All else that occupies your mind is fiction.

And all your stories are dear to you.

There is nothing you have to give up but your fancies.

Do you enter Heaven, or does Heaven enter you?

What could be the difference? Is there any?

You have heard of Self-realization. What you have consciously had all your earth-time is self-realization rather than Self-realization. The smallness and details of your present existence are preoccupations. They are hobbies that divert you from the main course. And yet you somehow think they are all that there is, and, at the same time, you think there is more which you seek.

You eat tidbits and forego what comes next. You forget what comes next. You forget, forego, or avoid what comes next because you fear its ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is that smallness does not exist — only greatness exists. Because you think you are smallness, you fear that you will not exist. But when you accept greatness, that is when you start to come alive, for your life is meant to be lived in greatness.

You scoff. You laugh. You do not believe what I tell you. You cannot even imagine what it would be for you to live your life in greatness.

I suggest you start imagining.

Conceive of it, and it will begin.