All the Almightiness

God said:

If you have a problem, know that it is the way you perceive that makes it a problem. Regardless of what the world says, I am giving you the real story. When you and/or the world determines that something is a problem, you double its weight. When you accept life as it is, what then can the problem be? You need not be so handy at identifying situations as problems.

The World Is a Concept

God said:

There are two things that you spend your life on: They are ghosts of the past and your toted-along image of yourself. Therefore, whatever occurs in your life, it is yourself you are dealing with.

Align with God

God said:

The fault you find with anyone is your own. Faultfinding is your greatest fault. Instead of finding fault, see the innocence of one who commits a fault, and you will emulate and reveal Me.

I do not find fault. I see Truth. I see the truth of you.

No matter how it seems, no one is trying to displease you. Whatever someone does, they are trying to please themselves. They feel they are unworthy, and they want to make up for it. If they think they are unworthy, then they are not seeing themselves as they are, and they will not see you as you are either.

The Fiction of Ideas

God said:

Let Me be a stronger force in your life.

Pay more attention to Me than you pay to the drifts of snow. Than you pay to the winds of change. Than you pay to looks you get from others. Than you pay to the words of others. Than you pay to yourself.

Paying attention to Me is paying nothing. It is getting your mind off details of human life and putting it on an eternity of vastness.

Paying attention to Me is lifting yourself to where you long to be.

Paying attention to Me is seeing where you, in truth, are.

Paying attention to Me is filling yourself up.

God Paints a Picture

God said:

Breathe with the Breath of God.

Think of it.

You breathe God.

With every breath, you breathe Me in.

See with the Light of God.

Be it.

Be My Light.

Relish all as I do relish all.

This is a lesson in the illusion of reciprocity.

In or out, to or fro, does not matter.

East, west, north, south, all direction is Mine.

All is I.

I painted a picture.

Is it not My picture I painted?

Love was My medium.

I painted life.

And you would redesign My painting.

You do complain about it.

Not good enough, you say.

Always Go Higher

God said:

Always go higher. In any situation that troubles you, you haven't gone high enough. It is not that you are not thinking. It is that you are thinking only one way and not another. When you are in the brambles, the thing to do is to get out. So must you with your thoughts. Sometimes your thoughts put you in a hard situation. What if the situation is not what you think it is at all? Can you not look at it differently?


God said:

Never mind if you believe in Me. It is enough to believe in Godness. Godness I am.

I am a Truth-Sayer and a Truth-Giver.

I am a Hound of Truth.

I am Truth and the Essence of It.

I am all-good, for I am All-God.

What would God be? That Which I Am.

I am your Mentor.

I am your Far-Seer.

I am your Benefactor.

I am your Deliverer.

But I am not a Tooth Fairy, I am not a Fairy Godmother, and I am not Santa Claus — as you think of them.

And yet I am they too.

I give to you.

I give all to you.

And you have it.

In My Father's House

God said:

There are no quandaries. Your mind decides there are. Your mind decides you are in a pickle. Let your mind decide rather that you are in a miracle. Whatever is going on, you are in the midst of life! To think of it, you are ordained to live life in the world and make it a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Enough of the concept of quandary. Quandary is short-sided vision. It is almost no vision at all.

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