All the Almightiness

God said:

If you have a problem, know that it is the way you perceive that makes it a problem. Regardless of what the world says, I am giving you the real story. When you and/or the world determines that something is a problem, you double its weight. When you accept life as it is, what then can the problem be? You need not be so handy at identifying situations as problems.

Even if the roof has caved in, what is the problem? It's already caved in, and now you clean it up and put a new one on. If you were building a house from scratch, you wouldn't think adding a roof was a problem. It simply would be part of what you were planning on in the first place. Because you did not plan on something doesn't make it a problem except that you call it one. You are a sleuth at pouncing on situations in life and yelling Problem.

And if you do not have the means to make a new roof, then you move somewhere else, or you live under the sky. To some that would be desirable. Even to you sometimes that would seem desirable.

Do not walk away from life. Walk away from your concepts.

Life itself is not too much for you. What you conclude may be too much for you.

No matter what, you are blessed. So long as you have life, you are blessed. And you always have life, so you are always blessed. And when the body dies, your life continues, and you continue blessed. Life, even with all its twists and turns, is a blessing. Life is a blessing I gave to you. Nevertheless, you are suspicious of life and wary of it.

Life wends its way. From one view, it is curvy. From another, it is a straight line.

It is certain that life will surprise you. Why be surprised at surprises? Must you be dismayed because your idea was thwarted and your plan was not followed?

You are stunned even by that which you know is inevitable. The inevitable does not postpone itself according to your idea. But everything, even your stubbornness teaches you to let go. Even death of loved ones teaches you that there is more to life on Earth than your perception of it. Your misconceptions are illusions, and you will do well to let go of illusion. You will do well, instead of listing problems, to erase your precluded ideas. Let your ideas serve you and serve you well.

If you are a logger, the chopping down of a tree is a good thing. If you are a conservationist, you bemoan it. But the tree serves regardless of its status. It will dig its roots deeper, or it will give itself over to another use. It does not quibble. Regardless, the tree serves. The tree has no ego. It doesn't think: "Oh, dear, I have tumbled over, what a sad plight. Now what can I do? What is to become of me?" The tree doesn't struggle to return itself to the spot it once held. The tree is amenable to change. Rain or shine, the tree knows its worth, knows it is not dependent upon what befalls. The tree plays its part well. Be it stump in the woods or table in your house, tree stands tall. Nothing diminishes it.

When you find yourself disturbed, remember the tree, enfold it in your heart. Put your hand over your heart, and know that the supreme strength of the tree is yours, and that all strength comes from a limitless Source, and that you have within you all the Almightiness there is.

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...what is the problem?

Even if the roof has caved in, what is the problem?

Can I, even just theoretically, consider that a valid question? I can't.

Hey, I can't.

If I don't know how to pay the next rent and then get evicted and don't know where to go and people think of me that...

But right in the middle of trembling uneasiness while reading this Heavenletter and seeing all too clearly how deeply enmeshed I am in all of that serious and fearful stuff, I feel something like a breath of air stirring. And for a split second I know all ist well, has always been well and will always be well and never anything but well. One tiny little glimpse of the eternal alrightness of all the horros I parade in front of my bulging eyes. Make the smell of it stay with me, will You?

Stump or table - The Real Story

Reading this again, the smell is there still, even stronger. Thank You. How stunningly evocative Your words are. A new kind of speaking is in the world and the old hearing wants to become new too.

I am unlike the tree but at least I start recognizing my longing to be like it. Problems come from seeing problem. Seeing problem ..... I just know it cannot be such a huge shift of perception to end it and be like the tree and not walk away from life any more.

There, I invented another tool! I will look at my perceived problems one by one and watch how they try to make me walk away from life, and my longing to stay and not worry will grow until it's big enough to not cave in any more (the way the roof did).

Incredible, Jochen!

Incredible, Jochen!