Your Heart Is Beautiful

God said:

Your heart, your beautiful heart! It is your heart, beloved. It is the midpoint between the world and Heaven. It has its feet in two boats. One boat is anchored in Heaven, and one boat is wobbly on Earth. Heaven is your love boat, beloveds. And the Earth boat seems to have no anchor, though, of course, Heaven is its anchor. There would be no Earth life without Heaven to secure it.

The Ocean Bright

God said:

Are your emotions like a deck of playing cards that you go through, perhaps several times a day? Do you perhaps spread out the cards and pick one, and then another?

Are your emotions like a scale you run up and down?

Do you perhaps feel that you are obligated to touch upon each card?

How many emotions do you go through in one day?

Polishing God's Gold

God said:

When you recognize and accept that love is the sum and substance of life, then you have to recognize that love is not an emotion. The core of life cannot be an emotion. There is not enough substance in emotion to support life so how can emotion possibly be the core of it?

Where Emotions Come From

God said:

You feel emotions with your body. A trauma is a blow. You are laid low. You have the wind knocked out of your sails. You are red hot with anger, or your anger seethes, or you are blinded by it. You are giddy with joy and electrified with excitement. Laughter expands your ribs, and joy expands your heart. You feel thrills and chills. You feel emotions physically, and you already know which ones encourage health.

A Genie within You

God said:

When you despair, you have lied to yourself. You have said things will not change. You have told yourself that you will always feel dreary and have reason to. You have said that a suffering emotion will always grip you. But emotions are changing things. And so is your life.

Yet hope is a little thing. It is too little for you. Hope is very maybe-ish. It is a whimper of truth. It hardly passes for itself.

Awareness of truth is another story.

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