Polishing God's Gold

God said:

When you recognize and accept that love is the sum and substance of life, then you have to recognize that love is not an emotion. The core of life cannot be an emotion. There is not enough substance in emotion to support life so how can emotion possibly be the core of it?

If love then is truth, which it is, then emotion must be false. Emotion decries itself false to love and false to truth. What you call emotions are mere episodic wanderings incited by the defensive mind. You often let these flurries run your life, as if they were smarter than love and knew or cared a lot about what your life is for. Emotions are piques, twirled by the ego and made more of than they deserve. Even when you feel love as an emotion, ego is at work, twirling its moustache.

From My vantage and the vantage from which I would like to see you live, all the time and energy you spend on emotions dilute your energy. Emotions waste your love. They sour it. They make your blood acid. They coagulate your cells. They repress the natural stirrings of love from your heart.

Of course, I know all the reasons why the world says emotions are valuable, but everyone knows emotions are something to get out. They are surely not to be kept. You have kept them for too long. Your repertoire of emotions is slim, but you pull those few emotions out on many occasions and wave them around like a flag. You believe they are important to you and guide you in some way. In this manner, emotions act like magicians who cleverly get your attention off what is going on and onto something else. In the case of life, emotions get your attention off love. Emotions unsettle your love. They do not eradicate love, but they change its shape.

Emotions are like gnats that disturb your peace of mind. No one is happy to feel anger or resentment or hate or pout or discontent of any kind. Or are they? You must think emotions are of some use to you, or why would you let them rouse you so often? Perhaps you think you need them to assert yourself or to lay a claim of some sort.

Emotions are like lazy servants. They come when you call, but they don't polish the silver. Shiftless, emotions stay in your employ so long as they can. They want to appear, and they don't want to disappear, but they are hardly worth their keep. And yet you can't quite bring yourself to dismiss them.

Emotions like to wreak havoc and commit uproar. They are ne'er do wells who jab at you for their own amusement. Wayward emotions work their will with you.

I do not suggest that you be indifferent. I suggest that you be different when it comes to the ease with which you allow emotions to wring out your heart.

You who read My words have chosen to serve Me. Some of you have chosen to devote yourselves fully to Me. All the while, emotions speak within you and say to you: "Pay attention! How dare someone be insolent to you, and what are you going to do about it?"

When you remember that you are on earth in service to Me, you say to yourself: "What is in the best interest of God here? How do I best polish His gold?"

Keep your eye on Me. Then you live your life and serve Me in a realm where emotion doesn't star. Love does.