nature of love

The Deep Silence of Love

God said:

How about it? Why don't We take a break today from whatever is on your mind? Let's just relax into the Beingness of Our Love and forget about everything else. There is always something on your mind, is there not? Let's empty your mind for a while and simply enjoy the love We share. Let's just love and not mind about anything else.

The Nature of God's Love

Gloria to God:

Dear Father, during sleep last night the word "let" kept going through my head. It was the title of something. Let.


Perhaps it meant "Let be". And that is a great secret to life. Let be. Let it be. It is what it is. Let people be. They are what they are. The energy consumed in fighting the ocean is consumed.

The thing to do is swim your course. Let others swim theirs.

More of What Love Is About

God said:

The expression "Love everlasting" isn't quite correct because there is no corollary to the permanence of love. It cannot unlast. It can only be. It is all that can be. Nothing else is nor can be. Love can be kicked around — it is kicked around — and yet it is still love and it is unaffected.

Polishing God's Gold

God said:

When you recognize and accept that love is the sum and substance of life, then you have to recognize that love is not an emotion. The core of life cannot be an emotion. There is not enough substance in emotion to support life so how can emotion possibly be the core of it?

You Are a Determiner of Your Own Fate

God said:

Your intellect is like the buzzing of bees around your head.

Sometimes the intellect is a false friend that beguiles you to where you once were, where it tells you you once were. The intellect tries to hold you back. It does not move you forward.

The heart opens the way to you and shows it to you.

There is a struggle that goes on between your heart and intellect. The intellect is too often a naysayer, an axe that chops off the sprouting of your heart. The intellect is not as smart as you think. The heart is smarter than you think.

The intellect thinks. The heart feels.

The Silence of Love

God said:

All of life experience is symbolic. It is a representation of a variant of truth. All that occurs is an opera or drama or comedy. But all is symbolic of the indestructibility of the human soul. A dance is more than a dance. It represents something, perhaps the movement of life and the movement of the dancers in life. Music is the background. Song is the soul singing to itself. And life itself is the rolling over of the music upon itself.

The Vastness of Truth

God said:

When you envision your greatness, you become it.

When you allow it, you are it.

You have disallowed it.

You have favored smallness over greatness.

You thought smallness was within your reach and that greatness, if it existed, was beyond you on the earth realm. You looked for greatness from others and from the world, while, all along, it is you who are greatness.

It is better to not leave greatness to others.

Then you wait.

Greatness does not wait.

It does not hover.

How to Bless

God said:

Let Me put words into your mouth. Let Me speak through you. And that is what I do do. I open your mouth. I move your arms and your legs. I open your heart, for I am the Mover of the Universe, and I move you.

You are caught in a maelstrom of My love.

You cannot get out of it. Don't try.

Ask that you hear My thoughts and speak My words.

Ask that you be so filled with My love that every utterance from your mouth is from Me.

Ask that you be so filled with My love that every act from your heart is from Me.

That every painting you make is from Me.

God Is Amazed

God said:

You are the eighth wonder of the world. Have you looked?

The Glory of Love

God said:

Love flows in an unending stream of itself. Although love may be categorized, love is love. It is not interchangeable with anything else and yet, unlike oil and water, love can merge with anything. There is not anywhere that love does not go. And yet, unbelievably, love is not always welcomed. If love were always welcomed, there would be no wars and no unhappy homes.

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