The Glory of Love

God said:

Love flows in an unending stream of itself. Although love may be categorized, love is love. It is not interchangeable with anything else and yet, unlike oil and water, love can merge with anything. There is not anywhere that love does not go. And yet, unbelievably, love is not always welcomed. If love were always welcomed, there would be no wars and no unhappy homes.

Naturally, if every home were happy, there would be no wars. With the happiness of love upon the face of the Earth, what match would there be to ignite any war? What list of excuses could be made for war then? Impossible! And yet every day, love is not always chosen. Of course, you do not always see that love is a choice.

In your human frame, sometimes it is hard to love. And, yet, beloved, what choice do you really have but to come to terms with love? Nevertheless, other considerations have gained prominence, and the face of love is shunted aside as if it were a silly thought to be dismissed or a naughty child put in a corner. You would think, "Who in their right mind would prefer anything to love? What could possibly be chosen over love? Who would choose it?" You would think it so ridiculous, and you would be right. And yet other things are chosen over love. Not only chosen, but chosen proudly, as if something else were a virtuous choice.

Ego comes to the fore and is called sufficient reason. Pride, all dressed up in medals, leads the parade, as if pride were valorous and worthy of honor. Too often pride is just a prettied up name for ego. Ego smirks, and love sits and waits like a wallflower.

Today, will you practice love? Not mushy gushing love, not nonsense, but simply love, not as a standby, but as first choice. Love does not mean you concede everything. It doesn't mean you act as if you agree with everyone about everything or anything. It means you favor love. That you choose love doesn't mean that you are weak-kneed and erase yourself. It just means that you come from love. It means you have made the decision to love.

That you love your children doesn't mean that you spoil your children. It means you love them. You allow yourself to love them, to honor their feelings and think of their hearts and souls more than you think of appearance. It doesn't mean you have to be the kind of parent the world has told you to be. It means you love first. It means it's okay for you to like your children and enjoy them. It means you lead your children in the way of love.

Love means that you give everyone the benefit of the doubt. It means you don't underestimate the power of pure unadorned love. It means you are aware that love is the most powerful discipline in the world and that it works. Love circumvents the need for harsh measures. Discipline is a poor substitute for love. Effort is a poor substitute for love. Your intellect is a poor substitute for love. Emotion is a poor substitute for love. Everything is a poor substitute for love. Ersatz love does not fool anyone.

Until the day love is fully in your heart, a sincere desire to love will work very well. This willingness to love is not fake. It is honest. Your desire to love alone will stir other's hearts. Your desire to come from love will work wonders. Just that, a simple desire to carry love in your heart. Is this not true for you, that you desire to love?

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Yes it s my biggest desire to spread the love I feel give hope and joy and a warm feeling of love where-ever I go....lets all do what we can to enlight ourselfs and then the people whe meet, in giving our gift of loving one-another

Love Iris

Everything is a poor

Everything is a poor substitute for love.

And one of the poorest substitutes for love is control -- feeling a need to be in control; trying to control the behaviors of others rather than just letting go and letting God and letting LOVE CONQUER ALL.
Thank you Iris for your beautiful post - let us join together in hearts and hands and create a heaven on earth.
This is the day the Lord hath made - let us rejoice and be glad!
And let my heart overflow with love!


Inspired Gloria :big You reached millions if they were reading.

Dear Marga, ah, if there

Dear Marga, ah, if there were millions reading Heavenletters...

There is a Heavenletter written March 16 which will come out in a week or so. It is entitled The Innocent World. Are these lines saying what I think they are?

Let Us send a message. Could be in a bottle, and it will sail the Ocean of Life, and it will turn up somewhere, and it will be read, and it will be heard, and the world will smile.

Beloveds, even if the message is sent, and no one finds it, it will still have served a purpose and fulfilled what it set out to do. Even if the message is thought of and not actually sent, it will still find its place in the world.

All your thoughts are messages sent out to sea. How important you are to the world right now and the world to be. You can even change the past, beloveds, so powerful are you.


Yes, and we already have this from Heaven 2690, "God's Touch":

.02. Take all My words away, and My Golden Touch remains. Erase, and My love within Heavenletters remains like invisible ink.

.04. You can look at My words without reading them, and they will reach you.

Words, indeed...

Indeed a most wonderful reminder dear Jochen, it is exactely how God's love reaches and transforms our hearts. Thanks for all the wonderful quotes you bring up like a magician, you are sweet blessing to all of us here ! :Rolleyes:

Much love

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said practice love
For your love will work wonders
Love their hearts and souls

God said come from love
The way of love is honest
To love is not false

Love, Light and Aloha!

Loving joyously

Thank you God for this wonderful reminder reflective and inspiring "It doesn't mean you have to be the kind of parent the world has told you to be." This throws light to areas where
a lot of distance appears between parents and children.



desire and intention alter the physical world causing things to occur which would not normally occur if they were not desired.
so state the quantum physicists

This is so powerful. Nice to

This is so powerful. Nice to know that quantum physicists verify what God says In Heavenletters -- or rather God's words support the quantum physicists. What a world. Thank you, dear Bernie, for letting us know about this.

Love the Heaven Letters

i haven't heard from you and just wanted to "touch bases" with you.
With Love and praying always for your Highest Good.
Scott Werner, M.D.