heart and intellect

So That All the World May See

God said:

Your intellect keeps you back from full enlightenment, and so you are busy with your brain and less attuned to your effulgent heart. You may have heard that you are already fully enlightened, but that is not your experience. In order to experience it, you have to be aware of it. You experience through awareness. I would say that you are aware of too many other things that get in the way of Reality and Self-realization. Knowledge becomes ignorance. The intellect takes twists and turns. A treasure lies buried among debris.

Cleanse Your Heart

God said:

Inner turmoil comes because there is a block in your heart. You think something outside you caused concern. Something occurred outside you, and, concomitantly, the heart is blocking itself. When the heart is clear, nothing is a stumbling block.

The Human heart is clear in love. It is murky when its aorta is pinched by sense of anything other than love.

Your heart registers its dismay at being out of love at any moment. Of course, this is a mirage, and this is what your heart wants you to know and tries to tell you.

The Glory of Hearts

God said:

Everyone touts the importance of communication. There are classes taught in how to communicate to your children, to your spouse, your customer, your boss, your employee, the bill collector. Communication classes teach you to set yourself aside a moment, but even so communication has often become self-serving. It is self-serving when you communicate with an end in sight. There may well be profit to all parties, yet communication preconceived isn't communication. Communicating isn't meant to be a smart way to get what you want.

From Where Love Comes

God said:

Don't mind so much that thoughts flit in and out of your mind. That is their nature. They will be gone soon enough anyway, and others will fly in to take their place. You don't have to keep your train of thought.

Sometimes you think that your thoughts hold you and the universe together, but it is Being that holds the universe together. It is Being that holds everything together.

Let Your Heart Grow to the Sun

God said:

The only purpose of darkness can be to emphasize the light. In this sense, darkness is a nurturer. Consider that it is. Consider that darkness is a blessing. Hidden from view, blessing nevertheless it is.

Where can you go from darkness but into the light? In that sense, darkness is a direct path.

From the illusion of darkness comes the reality of light.

It is not that you adjust your eyes to darkness. It is that you see beyond the darkness.

The Heart Knows

God said:

Your heart is like a nose. Your nose can smell an aroma before the bakery is in sight. In the case of the heart, it is the Truth that can be sensed. How often have you let your intellect drown out what your heart was eager to say?

Your intellect operates from the past. It is an adding machine.

But your heart is new-born every day. How simple is your heart!

Your intellect relies on postulations, evidence, comparisons, and makes a guess. Your heart relies on a subtle sense of knowing.

Your Heart's Refrain

God said:

I am already established in your heart. That is the marvelous thing. I am already within you. Here I am, and you look for Me everywhere. Furthermore, I am everywhere. You can see Me everywhere, anywhere, but where you find Me most of all is in your heart. I emanate from your heart.

Stop squeezing your heart, and you will free yourself to know Me. You need do nothing to bring Me in; just stop squeezing Me out. In other words, open your heart, and you open it to Me.

You Are a Determiner of Your Own Fate

God said:

Your intellect is like the buzzing of bees around your head.

Sometimes the intellect is a false friend that beguiles you to where you once were, where it tells you you once were. The intellect tries to hold you back. It does not move you forward.

The heart opens the way to you and shows it to you.

There is a struggle that goes on between your heart and intellect. The intellect is too often a naysayer, an axe that chops off the sprouting of your heart. The intellect is not as smart as you think. The heart is smarter than you think.

The intellect thinks. The heart feels.

The Fiction of Ideas

God said:

Let Me be a stronger force in your life.

Pay more attention to Me than you pay to the drifts of snow. Than you pay to the winds of change. Than you pay to looks you get from others. Than you pay to the words of others. Than you pay to yourself.

Paying attention to Me is paying nothing. It is getting your mind off details of human life and putting it on an eternity of vastness.

Paying attention to Me is lifting yourself to where you long to be.

Paying attention to Me is seeing where you, in truth, are.

Paying attention to Me is filling yourself up.

The Simple Youngest Son

God said:

My children, believe in yourself.

That is the same as saying, Believe in the messages you receive from Me. Believe in your hearing. Believe in the impulses you receive. Listen to the drumbeat of your heart.

Your heart is not old habits. Old habits are of the mind, telegraphed to the body. The heart is ever new.

The heart will tell you when to turn left and when to turn right. The heart will tell you where to turn. The heart will not wait. The heart does not have to think about it. This is not whim We are speaking about; it is heart direction.

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