You Are a Determiner of Your Own Fate

God said:

Your intellect is like the buzzing of bees around your head.

Sometimes the intellect is a false friend that beguiles you to where you once were, where it tells you you once were. The intellect tries to hold you back. It does not move you forward.

The heart opens the way to you and shows it to you.

There is a struggle that goes on between your heart and intellect. The intellect is too often a naysayer, an axe that chops off the sprouting of your heart. The intellect is not as smart as you think. The heart is smarter than you think.

The intellect thinks. The heart feels.

The intellect tells the heart to feel smallness, but that is not the nature of the heart. The nature of the heart, the nature of your heart, is for greatness. That is what the heart seeks.

You have had enough of smallness and small thoughts and wishes for tiny things. Have you not had enough?

Do you wish to continue with the preponderance of details in your life or would you like to soar on wings of greatness and buoys of love?

Love is not the end in sight. Love is a transporter.

Love is an evener. Love takes you from fraughtness to peace. It rolls you over. Love does not belong to you. That thought alone crimps it.

Love is expansion, not contraction.

Attachment is contraction.

Love breaks boundaries, does not make them, does not adhere to them. Love is not a contract. It is a testament of freedom.

Love needs no object. It conveys itself. It flies itself. It knows itself.

Love is not a conditioner.

It is a mover and an alighter, and it takes all with it.

You have misled yourself that you are the contractions of your heart, when you are, in truth, that which cannot be contracted.

Your heart must travel and not stay confined. It can travel everywhere, your heart. Let it go.

You hold on to your heart, but that which flies cannot be held on to.

You cannot hold on to Heaven but you can allow it. You do not muster Heaven. You allow its grace to fall on you. And yet you bring it. Heaven is like the glasses you forget were on your nose until —

Until what?

What is the leavener that raises you to Heaven or lets Heaven arise?

Your world is a circle, and you whirl around on the perimeter. Let go of your hold on the edges, and you will emerge in the center and back again. You will roll with the universe.

You have captured My heart.

My heart is a swing that takes you to Heaven.

Swing your heart to Heaven.

It beckons you.

Heaven is not something to wait for.

It is not something that comes later.

It is something now.

The key is in your heart.

The key is in allowance.

The key is to not buffet your flight.

The key is acceptance.

Escape your boundaries.

They are nothing but boundaries.

They were put up.

Fly over them.

Let nothing keep you back.

You are a determiner of your own fate.

Your fate is a conception made in your mind.

You have one fate, and that is to come to Me, which is the same as to say to come to yourself.

Come to your heart. Come to your senses. The intellect has to serve the heart, not the other way round.

Follow your heart, for it leads to Me.

I am your heart, and I am not wayward.

I am your radar.

I am your beam of light.

A beam reaches you, and it comes from you.

I am your beam of light, and you are Mine as well.

You are My light shining on Earth.

You are the heralder of Heaven. You announce its arrival. You announce your awareness of it. Heaven is not lacking. Awareness is. Aware is from the heart, not from the mind. The mind clinches it. But your heart has a good memory. It wants to return to Me if you will but let it.

Return to Me what is Mine.

Give Me your heart, and I will return it to you greater than you ever thought it was. I will return you to your original heart.

Like hoofbeats heard in the distance, I hear your heart coming to Me. I listen for your heart. Harken to Mine.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said had enough
Attachment is contraction
Love is expansion

Love, Light and Aloha!

a practice

The intellect thinks. The heart feels.
It sounds like a mere truism.

The moment I read this seeming truism, it suddenly occurs to me that thinking happens all the time and feeling happens all the time. And they are distinguishable, only I never really made a point of doing so. Intellect is so very swift in labeling whatever heart feels, and then you assume the label actually says what you are feeling. Not so. You don't know what you are feeling, intellect shouts it down or overwrites it before you realize what it is that heart truly feels. It happens so fast. It's the craziest thing.

Gosh, intellect is plastering heart with so many bumper stickers. You read and read and there's no end to them.

I'm sorry, heart. I'm not going to allow this any longer. I know now that I can challenge the conclusions that intellect is coming to so unbelievably fast. I know that if I callenge those labels they become transparent, revealing what they tried to cover up. I'll even make this a practice. You know I'm not fond of practice of any kind...

Is intellect saying what I'm saying here? Is heart? A third party? We'll find out.