The Vastness of Truth

God said:

When you envision your greatness, you become it.

When you allow it, you are it.

You have disallowed it.

You have favored smallness over greatness.

You thought smallness was within your reach and that greatness, if it existed, was beyond you on the earth realm. You looked for greatness from others and from the world, while, all along, it is you who are greatness.

It is better to not leave greatness to others.

Then you wait.

Greatness does not wait.

It does not hover.

You need assume no stature to get out of smallness. You just have to get out of it. Step out of it as you would a puddle. It is no big thing to step out of smallness. Step out, and you are in greatness. Smallness is a skin you shed. Only a skin.

Do you agree that it will be well for you to step out of smallness?

Of course, it is an illusion that you have to step out of anything. You just have to notice where you are. You have paid too much attention to the placement of your feet.

Pay more attention to your shoulders, to the angle of your head. Have a direct line from your heart to your eyes. Curve your heart upward.

Uplift your heart.

Arouse yourself to heights of love.

And yet, love is a plateau. It has an evenness. It is not frantic. It is a plateau on a high point of a mountain. Yes, at the top of the mountain is a plateau. It is eloquent in its stillness. And from that evenness, from the height of that plateau, you see all around you differently from when you were climbing jagged rocks.

You are ascenders, not descenders.

Ascenders look up.

Not away, not down.

Look up to the vastness of truth.

Escalate to Heaven.

Elevate your heart.

Admit the possibility that you are ascending.

Look not for road signs.

Simply ascend.

Trust the elevator you ride on.

Look across at Me and smile.

There is a miniscule thread that keeps you back from greatness. It is a miniscule misunderstanding. It is fear in your heart. Fear that greatness is all a supposition, and that you cannot be it, that you cannot be what I have given you to be.

But it is small that you cannot be. Acts of smallness are not you. They are acts. They are merely cover-up's to your greatness.

Take off your costumes, your suits of armor.

Superman puts on a cape, but you have only to remove one.

What battle do you fight? What windmills do you attack? What exactly opposes you?

You know the answer.

It is your mind. Your mind turns on you. It turns on itself. It ravages you. It does not cheerlead you. All the twists and turns of your thinking disengage you from the greatness of the opportunity that you are.

Fortunately, you have a safety net. It is your heart. Not sentiment, but your true heart of courage. Courage is nothing but knowing your greatness and forgetting your smallness. You have to muster your heart for smallness. Unloose it for greatness. Unloose your heart from the shackles your mind has put there.

I give you a sword of love. It cuts through everything.

My love will cut through your distorted thinking, this thinking that makes you believe it strengthens you. Truth strengthens you. Truth has naught to do with thought. Truth comes from a greater place than the mind.

If the mind is a computer, who runs it?

A computer has been programmed, and so has your mind.

But the heart is anew, and through the heart of love, you become anew. One stroke of love transforms you. I have knighted you love, and now get up and be it.