programmed beliefs

Sing a New Song

God said:

Hello, beloveds. How do you think you are today?

You may not know this, yet you are better than you have ever been. You may think you are in a slump, and yet I tell you that you are rising day by day. Your perception is often incorrect. This is because you listen to old programming. Because of old programming, My children have a tendency to think that they are lagging in life. There is a carrot you have put in front of you that you haven't caught up to, so you tend to see yourself falling behind.

Freedom of Heart

God said:

The mind that thinks so much doesn't think at all. It doesn't think: "To what avail is all the cogitating I do?" The mind keeps on the same without regard to what is going on around it. It takes note, but keeps bulldozing through regardless of the situation. Thus, you have mindset. Your mind got programmed, and it is hard for it to stop.

What You Are Left With

God said:

Making comparisons is tenuous. Making comparisons either lifts you up or puts you down, and so you put yourself at dis-ease. How do the cells of your body know what to think when you don't? One day you are wonderful and better than everyone else, and the next day you are deflated and can hardly lift your head.

When you inflate yourself, the cells of the body follow. When you negate yourself, the cells of your body also follow. What can they do but follow your thought?

The Love of God's Life

God said:

Let Us talk about My love for a moment. It has been such a mystery to you, what love is, that you may be it, and you are perplexed how I, God, can love so much and love so much that which, in your eyes, has imperfection. You wonder how I can love you so much, simply as you are, a fussing being on Earth.

Sometimes you disdain yourself. That is not your own thought. It certainly is not your original thought.

The Vastness of Truth

God said:

When you envision your greatness, you become it.

When you allow it, you are it.

You have disallowed it.

You have favored smallness over greatness.

You thought smallness was within your reach and that greatness, if it existed, was beyond you on the earth realm. You looked for greatness from others and from the world, while, all along, it is you who are greatness.

It is better to not leave greatness to others.

Then you wait.

Greatness does not wait.

It does not hover.

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