Your Consciousness

God said:

Your consciousness strides across the Earth. It spans space and time. It is one stride you take across the Earth. The Earth revolves under you.

Your arms surround the Earth so the Earth you walk on you also hold in your arms.

Your girth is the Earth's. Your feet propel it. Your breath spins it, and your breath warms it. Your heart pulsates through the vibrating Earth.

Your thoughts grow on it.

The surface of the Earth is your skin and hair. They grow out into trees. The trees sprout leaves and your ears roses, and it is you who covers the Earth with your thoughts.

The Vastness of Truth

God said:

When you envision your greatness, you become it.

When you allow it, you are it.

You have disallowed it.

You have favored smallness over greatness.

You thought smallness was within your reach and that greatness, if it existed, was beyond you on the earth realm. You looked for greatness from others and from the world, while, all along, it is you who are greatness.

It is better to not leave greatness to others.

Then you wait.

Greatness does not wait.

It does not hover.

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