Your Consciousness

God said:

Your consciousness strides across the Earth. It spans space and time. It is one stride you take across the Earth. The Earth revolves under you.

Your arms surround the Earth so the Earth you walk on you also hold in your arms.

Your girth is the Earth's. Your feet propel it. Your breath spins it, and your breath warms it. Your heart pulsates through the vibrating Earth.

Your thoughts grow on it.

The surface of the Earth is your skin and hair. They grow out into trees. The trees sprout leaves and your ears roses, and it is you who covers the Earth with your thoughts.

Your eyes make up the Heavens and the orbs thereof. Your eyes light the sky at night. The blue is the ocean of Heaven, and the clouds are the foam.

My smile is love. My smile gives heartiness to all growing things on Earth, for I am the Maker, and you are the disseminator of My heart. When you squeeze My heart, that is called dismay.

You think something in life has squeezed your heart, but it is you who have squeezed Mine. All love is Mine, and when you contract it or fragment it or shadow it, you know it.

Unburden yourself. Lift trouble from the Earth. The Earth reflects your dismay. Be undismayed. Be My creation on Earth who treats all of My creation like a most beautiful stemmed rose.

All My roses have stems. All creation stems from Me. My creation is made of many roses blossoming on one stem.

The tree of life is nothing but My love growing on Earth. My love can only grow Heavenward. Follow My love. Help the world to follow it. Do not hang on to love as though it would disappear, for that way you hold it back and earth from its ascent.

Earth is meant to ascend to Heaven because it is a part of Heaven. Earth is like a sunken treasure, and now is the occasion of its being pulled up. I cannot do it alone. I must have your help and participation because all of you are My sunken treasure. You can be heavy or you can be light. And when you are light, you help Me immensely. And so I ask for your light.

Your joy makes My work easy. With your joy, I will not even have to pull. You will rise of yourself, and all will come with you, for there is only Oneness in My creation.