The Possibilities of Yes

God said:

Let simplicity in and complexity out.

Complexity is not truth. Simplicity is.

One is a simple concept.

Reduce everything to one.

When everything is reduced to its simplest, you have truth. You have had much fringe on your thinking. Your thoughts have been tassels waving in the breeze. Let your thoughts return to the main of what is and release the exterior of what is not. You have created false images.

The not's of your mind have held you in their sway. The possibilities of not have gripped you. The censureship of the mind has gripped you. The mind gives you the possibility of failure as a weighty alternative. That possible failure is heavy, and mostly it resides in what someone else will think of you, and you take their thoughts as yours. What is failure but the concept of not achieving something you or someone else thought you had to? Do you see now how your life is based on your thinking of it rather than the living of it? Failure does not exist. Only false premises do.

Embrace the possibilities of Yes. That is a premise you can operate from.

If you cannot embrace the possibility of Yes, then embrace the possibility of Maybe. The concept of Perhaps alone will open vistas for you, for the closed mind has condemned you.

What is there that cannot be in the heart of God?

False trails lead you nowhere but back to yourself. Lost on a false trail, you return to where you started and set out again.

Back to yourself is a good place to be, for that is where everything begins.

Begin today to settle down to truth.

Get out of the way of truth.

Get out of the way of yourself.

You make too many demands. That is the same as to say that you try to take control. Any personal control you take is too much. You even control your letting go of control. You order its release, but you order it only so far. You still keep your eye on it. Your attention is more on control than it is on being. You cannot be into your beingness and control at the same time.

You order outcomes. Ordering a particular outcome denies you others. Control is holding on to your desire rather than allowing it to fulfill itself.

You do not have to order the dawn of the day. The sun comes without your control. You do not order the rose to bloom. It blooms from its own bloomability.

The most beautiful things are those that you do not try to control, or even imagine to control. The most beautiful events happen as if on their own. Love comes on its own. It bids itself to come. I have set everything in motion, and you must allow it to be what it is and reach where it will.

The truth is that you have no control. You cannot control life. Your control is only resistance, and your resistance comes from a precluded idea or two.

Nothing has to be the way you thought it had to be.

Your thoughts are wisps.

When you can accept that your calculations may have been miscalculations, you will be on a new footing. You will leave the old sticky past. You will arise to great before-unimagined heights because you will have let go of the ballast you held on to.

You have been a boat moored to shore. You paddled and paddled, and wondered why you couldn't leave shore. Now is time to unmoor the boat. Cast off.

You cannot stay at the so-called safety of shore and ride the waves of the ocean at the same time. Is that not what you have been attempting to do? Have you not hobbled yourself with old ideas you fashioned?

There is no sky without stars.

There is no boat that sails without direction.

There is no child of mine that can be lost from Me. He can only think that he is or someone else can think that he is. There is no truth to it. Your security is in Our connectedness, not in an old rope that holds you in place.

A dancer cannot dance without leaving the ground. It would not be dance if the feet adhered themselves to the dance floor. A voice cannot sing if it holds itself to itself. A voice must flute out to sing. And for you to live life on earth rather than just abide it, you must start out on your adventure with the supposed daring to leave the particulars of the outcome to Me. Not only some of it but all of it, not some of the time but all the time, not just the weather, but all of the trip. You must let go of your proscribed outcomes. You must even let them out of your sight, for you do not know what greatness lies before you and what you have withheld from yourself by holding on to certain outcomes and disallowing others. In other words, you do not know what lies just over the horizon.

Will you, once and for all, allow Me to give greater to you than you have deemed within your province?

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