Be True to Yourself

God said:

This reliance on the opinions of others is a big thing in your lives. Listen to others, but go by Me and yourself. When you allow others' opinions to rule you, you have abdicated yourself.

Opinions are only opinions. They are not edicts.

What do you gain when you follow the opinion of another and live up to it? What favor is gained? And what do you think you have lost when you do not? What is so important to you to be in the good graces of another? Is it important enough to deny the truth of yourself?

Be in good graces with yourself. You cannot be out of My good graces. You were placed there long ago, and there you remain. You can only have My light upon you. You are pleasant to Me.

Be pleased with yourself.

Do not look to another's light before your own.

Ally yourself with the truth of you.

The good opinion of another is not what your life is for. Did you think it was? Do not curry favor with another. You are not enriched by the good opinion of another. You are perhaps embellished with their favor, but it will not last. You know that, don't you.

Draw your own course in life. Make your own decisions. Make them with Me. Let Me be your Confidante. Let Me be the Reflector of you back to yourself. I am reliable. You can count on Me. The favor of anyone else is a passing thing. It lasts but a minute. However long it lasts it is only a minute.

You deserve more than flighting opinions.

You have an entitlement to Me.

Accept Our interchange.

Accept My love for you. Seek not others' good opinions of you. You have Mine.