Feel the Freedom

God said:

It is very freeing when you come to the place where no one has to agree with you. This frees those who think differently from you. Most of all, it frees you from the conviction that you have to be right. You are right in your own eyes, of course, and another person is right in his or her own eyes. Beware of trying to convince someone that his view is off because it is not the same as yours.

Opinions Aside

God said:

Strong opinions are often held as fact. Sometimes others' strong opinion and assumptions shake you and make you shrink. They don't sway your heart of truth, but they don't leave room for your truth to raise its head either.

A louder voice is not stronger. It is just louder. An opinion voiced loudly is only an opinion expressed a decibel louder.

Truth is more silent. Truth is silent in its strength.

Stay true to yourself. And make sure that you are not one who gives opinions as pronouncements.

What You Were Made For

God said:

You have ideas of what Truth is or should be. You have ideas of what I should say. Your ideas are preconceived. They are not open but closed. You let in and you keep out.

When I say something that fits in with your presumption of Truth, you nod your head. When it does not, you shake your head and feel: "God doesn't have that quite right… God could do better… Gloria wasn't clear today…"

Be True to Yourself

God said:

This reliance on the opinions of others is a big thing in your lives. Listen to others, but go by Me and yourself. When you allow others' opinions to rule you, you have abdicated yourself.

Opinions are only opinions. They are not edicts.

What do you gain when you follow the opinion of another and live up to it? What favor is gained? And what do you think you have lost when you do not? What is so important to you to be in the good graces of another? Is it important enough to deny the truth of yourself?

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