Opinions Aside

God said:

Strong opinions are often held as fact. Sometimes others' strong opinion and assumptions shake you and make you shrink. They don't sway your heart of truth, but they don't leave room for your truth to raise its head either.

A louder voice is not stronger. It is just louder. An opinion voiced loudly is only an opinion expressed a decibel louder.

Truth is more silent. Truth is silent in its strength.

Stay true to yourself. And make sure that you are not one who gives opinions as pronouncements.

Oh, the intricacies of the world! When a voice is louder than yours, you are left not knowing when to speak up or when to keep silent. It is not for you to set someone straight, yet it is not for you to not be heard either.

When someone sees differently from you, you are taken aback. No one lives in the same world. Each sees it differently. Each interprets it differently. How can that be?

And so you learn other frames of reference. This is great kindness. Just as two cultures vary, so do two people on earth. Intrinsically the same, but in terms of the world, so different. Beneath the discrepancies lies unity. Discrepancies only cover up the unity.

You need neither seek agreement any more than disagreement. Agreement and disagreement cannot be anything more than agreement and disagreement. Truth is another story.

Whereas Truth is inviolable, opinions are not. It is one's opinion that I exist, and it is another's that I do not. Each thinks he is correct. But all the opinions in the world have nothing to do with Me. I go right on whatever anyone or everyone says. Opinions make Me neither more true nor less true.

When it was considered that the earth was flat, that had no affect on the roundness of earth. When it was considered that the sun rotated around the earth, the sun kept shining and the earth kept going around.

Why are you taken aback that someone else sees the world differently from you? Why are you surprised? Although what you say and what you think do not change the Truth of existence, what you say and what you think lends great importance in the ways of the world.

One of the freedoms that is yours to give is the freedom of another to hold his own opinions, even when they are opposite to yours. It is great love that allows another to have his own thoughts and actions.

That is what I do. And that is what you must do. When you allow, you are neutral. Neutral must you be. Otherwise you are unsteady. Otherwise you are at the mercy of what is said and done around you.

Allow room in the universe for all the diversity of opinions. No matter how much you like chocolate, not everyone in the world has to. Even when you are right that I exist, no one has to agree with you. And if I am put at the bottom of someone's list, you know it is only a list and it is their list, not yours, and you know it affects Me not.

I am God and I am everyone's God, acknowledged or not. I steadily work for the world. I love every single one of you, and I seek to uplift the hearts and lives of everyone in the world. What you make of Me is only what you make of Me. What I make of you is true.

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