The Far Reaches of Your Heart

God said:

The path of attachment to the past is not smooth, for attachment is dragging a huge weight behind you. You do not need to carry it, but somehow you have thought you must, or thought you want to, but that is not truly from your volition, for that concept of necessity is also from the past, and it would weigh you down.

Disentangle from the past. Leave it where it lies. Walk away from it. You do not have to have it pulling you back. You do not have to face the past any longer.

The path of dis-attaching may not be all that smooth either, but once freed, you are freed. If you are going to feel uncomfortable, feel uncomfortable for that which will further your progress. Move along.

Be not attached to the future either. That is like being attached to the past, only with the future, you push a heavy cart ahead of you.

The future is a concept of the world. If you must conceive of future, conceive of it as a gift on its way to you. Gifts have already been sent. Do not block their passage with your determination that the gifts be what you say they must be or that they must appear packaged the way you say. There could be something else on its way to you. There could be something greater.

Intend. Desire. But do not demand. You may not know what area of your life needs developing. You may think it is one thing, but it may well be another. Besides, you do not see far enough. That which you think you do not want may be the bringing in of that which you have desired all your life.

Enjoy the freedom of letting go of your entangled beliefs. If you think you must have something in your life, is that not a belief? If you think you must have a certain thing or events in your life in order to be happy, is that not a restraining belief? Holding on to a preconceived concept is a sure way to deny yourself happiness.

Happiness is not a contingency. And it is not to be waited for. A table does not have to be set with the finest china. It can be set with what is at hand. You can have a picnic on the grass and be happy. If it rains and you have to go in the house, does that have to preclude happiness? Do you begin to see how your beliefs restrict you from happiness?

Your beliefs are fences you put up to keep in or keep out. In either case, they restrict the far reaches of your heart.

You say you must have this or that in order to be happy. I say to you: Be happy so that which you desire may find its way to you. Releasing is the easy way to fulfill your desires.

By all means, set your table beautifully. It is fine to get ready for what you want. That is preparing. But not having to have the arrival of certain guests — that is releasing. The more you release, the more you clear the path and so allow more to find its way to you.

If you think you must have a certain thing in life in order to be happy, then you are using that thing as a device. If you think you must have a certain condition, then you are using that condition as a device. If you think you must have a certain Human being, then you are using the Human being as an article of clothing you would put on for warmth.

All that you require for happiness, you have right now. Have happiness. Do not require anyone or anything to have to give it to you.