emotional attachment

The Far Reaches of Your Heart

God said:

The path of attachment to the past is not smooth, for attachment is dragging a huge weight behind you. You do not need to carry it, but somehow you have thought you must, or thought you want to, but that is not truly from your volition, for that concept of necessity is also from the past, and it would weigh you down.

Disentangle from the past. Leave it where it lies. Walk away from it. You do not have to have it pulling you back. You do not have to face the past any longer.

Eternity Itself

God said:

You are to amass nothing. Not wealth, not love. To amass is to hold. To hold is to withhold. When you amass, you become fraught. You become fraught with what you hold and fraught with fear of its passing. Leave off amassing and you won't be fraught.

Wealth and love and friends are not to be amassed. They are not collectibles. Nor are you meant to be a displayer of them. Only that which is amassed can be put on show.

Think rather of circulating. Circulate wealth. Circulate love. Circulate friendship. Even with the thought of circulating, your happiness quotient rises.

A Beautiful Ocean

God said:

Do not covet is fine to say. Certainly, it is good advice. But it misses the issue. Only from sense of lack does covetousness arise.

When sense of lack is replaced with awareness of plenty, covetousness is replaced with generosity. Needing and giving are but two sides of the same coin. You may need to be instructed in awareness of the wealth that is yours.

Who would grab when he sees there is enough to go around? When he sees abundance spilling over, what would he feel denied about? What would he possibly want to draw to himself and not to another?

Beyond Adversity

God said:

One of My dear children has asked why are lies believed. Why are lies believed over truth? Everyone has had truth belied one time or another, just as everyone — I say everyone but perhaps not you — has had their own lies believed or semi-believed and started to believe them himself.

Why do My holy and beloved children often hold on to lies more than truth?

The deeper question is: Why are there lies? Why would a child who is Mine resort to lies? Why does he fear he needs to?

To What Can Wholeness Attach?

God said:

When you feel in the grips of something, in the grips of pain, perhaps, or in the grips of fear, or even in the grips of love, you have propelled yourself there and gripped that place, that occasion, that person. You attached yourself there. How crass of Me to say you are attached to even your pain, but attachment is its own pain. Attachment is false. Attachment is a conception you have, and — listen to this — it is never based on truth.

Attaching is its own art. You are skilled. You insert yourself. You embed yourself. You hold on for dear life.

Freedom and Christ

God said:

You all say that you want freedom, and yet you keep attaching to what is around you.

In order to be free, you have to release your attachments. You do not have to give all your worldly possessions away, but you must release their hold on you.

Free means to not be bound.

In order for you not to be bound, you release all that you have been bound to. Of course, you have not really been bound. You just thought so, and that has been enough to keep you bound. Binding is mental.

Even surrounded by prison walls, you are free.

Even in a prison, you can let go of attachments.

Accept God and That You Are His Miracle

God said:

How much will you leave others to Me?

How much will you get out of the way?

How much control will you release?

Release all of it.

What others do has to do with Me, not with you.

Your life is between you and Me, and others' lives, the same — between them and Me. I am the center of the vortex. You are not.

If you believe I am with you, then believe that others are with Me also.

Can you leave them to Me?

Can you leave their passage through life to Me?

Follow your own course, and let others follow their own as well.

Faith, Miracles, and Christ

God said:

When you release your attachment to ideas, you release yourself to Me. You come closer. Do you see? Attachment is resistance. As you resist less, you let go, and so you relax, and where is relaxation but with Me?

Your holding, gripping, and clutching on to the events and locations and people of the world means you have let go of Me. I do not tell you to abandon the world. I tell you to let go of your hold on it, or its hold on you. Do not tug the world or the people in it. Leave them to their own orbit. Release your hold because, unless you do, you are bound to that which you hold.

He Awaits You

God said:

The new Heavenletters are teaching you to be neutral. Being neutral is the same as not taking things personally.

But there is one thing to take personally, and that is I. Yes, take Me personally.

Who Owns a River or the Ocean?

God said:

Often you have thought of Me as One Who takes away from you. Undo that thinking, and you will see eminent change in your life.

What you see as taken away from you are leaves on the tree that fall in autumn. It is a slipping into another realm and other possibilities and ways of loving. When your body ceases — something you half pray for and half resent — you enter another dimension. You are not dismantled. Only your attachment is removed from you.

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