Accept God and That You Are His Miracle

God said:

How much will you leave others to Me?

How much will you get out of the way?

How much control will you release?

Release all of it.

What others do has to do with Me, not with you.

Your life is between you and Me, and others' lives, the same — between them and Me. I am the center of the vortex. You are not.

If you believe I am with you, then believe that others are with Me also.

Can you leave them to Me?

Can you leave their passage through life to Me?

Follow your own course, and let others follow their own as well.

Look to your fulfillment, but look to Me to fulfill it.

You did not know how much you had to release.

You thought you were almost done.

Now you know you are beginning.

Keep emptying the buckets of your attachment.

You have been attached to attachment.

Let go of the concept.

I will not let you go. You will not fall.

Your attachments keep you down. They don't lift you up.

Events in your life do not lift you up. They excite you. Do you want excitement or do you want to live as One with Me?

Chase excitement, and you may miss the Adventure.

Flurries of excitement do not take you to the Supreme. They distract you from the Supreme. The Sublime is a quiet gathering of love. It is not an Event. Look not for events. Look for a quiet welling within yourself. Look for your expansion within you. Look not for it outside you. First within you, then outside you. Seek Me out within you, and you will see more of Me outside you.

Seek not for miracles.

Seek for Me.

If truth be known, you are My miracle.

So seek the quiet tide of yourself.

You are not looking for Arrival. You are looking for Being. Being moves towards itself, and there is constant arrival in the process.

When you run to conclusion, you miss the joy of letting go. When you let go, you open the Gates of Heaven. When you open the Gates, you enter.

The Gates are open all along, so it is your awareness that you open. And it is My heart you enter.

Open your awareness, and allow Me to receive you. In My graciousness, I receive you. Enter My Heart of Love, and accept your rightful place. Accept the place I have been saving for you. I have been saving it intact. All is yours when you enter My Heart.

You have been seduced by trifles.

Unseduce yourself.

Let go of your attachments. It is folly to be attached. You have attached to the comfort of ignorance. Let that go. Accept wisdom. Accept your inheritance. I am your inheritance. Accept Me, and you will enter a Great Heaven of Love and Joy beyond which you have imagined but which is where you belong. Increase your imagination now.

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