Eternity Itself

God said:

You are to amass nothing. Not wealth, not love. To amass is to hold. To hold is to withhold. When you amass, you become fraught. You become fraught with what you hold and fraught with fear of its passing. Leave off amassing and you won't be fraught.

Wealth and love and friends are not to be amassed. They are not collectibles. Nor are you meant to be a displayer of them. Only that which is amassed can be put on show.

Think rather of circulating. Circulate wealth. Circulate love. Circulate friendship. Even with the thought of circulating, your happiness quotient rises.

Circulating is sharing, and it is sharing with a wider scope. As with your thoughts that go out into the unfathomable stars, what you circulate goes far. You do not know its exact course, but it will encircle the world and the universes beyond. And at some point in time, it returns to settle on your shoulder, but only for a while until it is freed to fly out again to bless all.

But you do not circulate wealth, love, and friendship in order to receive a return, for that is also holding on. That is trying to amass good fortune. And you are not to amass.

Circulate inspiration. Circulate upliftment. Circulate generosity, goodwill, joy.

Circulating is releasing, and with release comes joy. The very freeing is joy.

Become a circulator of freedom. Imagine if you returned all the wild animals of the world to the freedom of the wild, what an uproar of joy there would be in the world.

Do not cage your heart. The most a cage can do is to keep negativity at bay where it is amassed and spread subtly until it is wildfire. Lack of freedom amplifies all that which you don't want to keep. Let no heart be caged.

Freedom allows flowers to grow. You do not oppress flowers. You scatter their seeds. Scatter joy as easily.

Yet you are not assigned the role of freedom-giver, for by what decree do you hold freedom back? You are not a hero to announce freedom. It was never yours to renounce.

Now unbind yourself from any bonds you have collected. Bequeath yourself freedom. You will rise high to the degree to which you set yourself free. Freed, you rise to heights still out of sight.

You are free of obligation to the sequestered past, for the past is always less than the present. You may think the past tremendously significant, but that which is behind you recedes. You can only be where you are. You can't be anywhere else.

The so-called now is another name for Eternity. There is only freedom in Eternity. No restraint is known.

You may find a glimpse of Me behind you or ahead, but I am always, and I am found now. This place, that place, far and near are but illusions. Soon and late, here and there — illusions all.

What exists between Us exists in this immediate Eternity, and yet there is no between Us. There is only the Oneness of Us, free-flown in the vastness and momentousness of Eternity Itself.

And the Oneness of Us is the center of it all. The earth revolves around Us, for We are the Sun. Our Consciousness is the Sun. And the Sun shines mightily. Shine with Me in the mightiness of Love freed to give Itself back to everyone and everything and you.