Like Goldfish

God said:

Beloveds, be like goldfish who swim through life. How effortlessly they glide! They go around any obstacle or above it and do not think of the word "obstacle". To goldfish, it's as fine to swim this way as to swim that. They do not have their heart set on one direction over another. Swimming is swimming. And merrily they swim.

Eternity Itself

God said:

You are to amass nothing. Not wealth, not love. To amass is to hold. To hold is to withhold. When you amass, you become fraught. You become fraught with what you hold and fraught with fear of its passing. Leave off amassing and you won't be fraught.

Wealth and love and friends are not to be amassed. They are not collectibles. Nor are you meant to be a displayer of them. Only that which is amassed can be put on show.

Think rather of circulating. Circulate wealth. Circulate love. Circulate friendship. Even with the thought of circulating, your happiness quotient rises.

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