All-Encompassing Love

God said:

Love is energy, and money is a representation of energy.

A pile of a thousand-dollar bills in the middle of a room is a pile of paper until the consciousness of Human Beings enters the room. You think money is a cut-and-dried matter, but it is not at all. The energy of money seems high when you attribute your dreams to it. Money has the value you set on it.

Eternity Itself

God said:

You are to amass nothing. Not wealth, not love. To amass is to hold. To hold is to withhold. When you amass, you become fraught. You become fraught with what you hold and fraught with fear of its passing. Leave off amassing and you won't be fraught.

Wealth and love and friends are not to be amassed. They are not collectibles. Nor are you meant to be a displayer of them. Only that which is amassed can be put on show.

Think rather of circulating. Circulate wealth. Circulate love. Circulate friendship. Even with the thought of circulating, your happiness quotient rises.


God said:

What a metaphor money is! It seems to capture the sum total of relative life. So meaningless at the same time as it seems vital. How valuable the valueless coins and bills are! They are counted as valuable because mass mind says they are. Because their value is mutually agreed upon, you scramble for them. You count and recount them. You grab them to you with relish, and you feel a power in spending them. And yet you know there is more to life than this metal and paper and your scrambling.

When God Is at Your Side

God said:

I say, "I AM." I say, "I am right here." I say, "I am always right here." I say, "You have Me always, beloveds."

Beloveds, you live in many worlds. It doesn't matter where your body is, and it doesn't matter where your mind is. I am totally absolutely right here with you. I am as near to you as your breath. We are so vital and vibrant to each other. We are the same breath. Who breathes your lungs in and out, you or I? Who can separate Us? Neither you nor I.

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