God Wants Us to Make His Thoughts Our Own

God said:

Intend rather than try. I know that intentions have had a poor reputation in the world. Of course, there is intending and intending. Nevertheless, I ask you to intend more.

Think not of intention as a promise you make. Think not of intention as a result you must obtain. Just think of intention as something that requires nothing of you but to have it. Rather think of intention as a seed you plant. Think of intention as a dream you have. Think of it as a picture you have before you. Think of it like a premonition.

The Ocean Bright

God said:

Are your emotions like a deck of playing cards that you go through, perhaps several times a day? Do you perhaps spread out the cards and pick one, and then another?

Are your emotions like a scale you run up and down?

Do you perhaps feel that you are obligated to touch upon each card?

How many emotions do you go through in one day?

The Screensaver of Your Mind

God said:

What is it that you want? Do you want to serve Me? Then set the intention that you serve Me. Have the intention. Let prayers set your intention. Rather than asking Me for intervention, turn on the motor of your own heart. Remember, beloveds, that you are the fulfillers of My desires. Consider Me your partner but not your messenger boy. Join Me.

If you do desire to serve Me, set your intention the way you would set your clock. As certainly, clearly, and determinedly as you set your clock, set your intention. Be that decisive.

What Is Your Intention?

God said:

Because you are in a body doesn't mean you have to live with smallness. You are not limited to smallness, and you don't have to have it. Whatever the past, smallness is a choice now. It is up to you. Your alternative is greatness. In your heart of hearts, which do you think belongs to you?


God said:

Your intentions matter. What are they? What is beneath your accomplishments? What do you intend by what you do? Find out what your intentions are and what lies within and beneath them.

What do you intend today? And what do you intend for your life?

Motivation is not quite the same as intention, although it is close. What motivates you may reveal your intention.

Where do you position yourself in life? Stop running a little bit to see what you are running towards and why.

This is not an easy question I ask you. It requires more than a quick answer.

The Far Reaches of Your Heart

God said:

The path of attachment to the past is not smooth, for attachment is dragging a huge weight behind you. You do not need to carry it, but somehow you have thought you must, or thought you want to, but that is not truly from your volition, for that concept of necessity is also from the past, and it would weigh you down.

Disentangle from the past. Leave it where it lies. Walk away from it. You do not have to have it pulling you back. You do not have to face the past any longer.


God said:

When is a thought in your head My thought or when is it your own? When is it My impulse or your weary whim? When is it joy or merely distraction from something you don't want to think about?

When you are in My thought frame, you are not in past programming. You are not on automatic because that is from the past. Spontaneous is not automatic. Habitual is not spontaneous. Spontaneous is spontaneous.

The Energy of Intention

God said:

Intention is energy. It is a certain kind of energy, powerful and unwasted.

Miracles Grow

God said:

Resist nothing. Desire higher.

When something appears to be wrong in your life, step above it. This doesn’t mean to ignore it. It means to step above it. Instead of cursing and complaining and feeling self-righteous indignation, ask in your heart that a wrongful situation be resolved. I am not asking you to blind yourself to the realities of the world. I am asking you to use a technique that works. The name of this technique is: Set your intention.

Miracles do happen, beloveds. There is no law that you are to suffer. Let go of suffering.

One Stone for an Altar to Heaven

God said:

In one sense, it matters what your motive is. In another sense, it doesn’t matter. When you give a gift to the world, whatever your motive, you have given a gift to the world. Whether you have done it for My glory or for your personal gratification, you have given a gift. You gave. The whole universe is grateful.

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