What Is Your Intention?

God said:

Because you are in a body doesn't mean you have to live with smallness. You are not limited to smallness, and you don't have to have it. Whatever the past, smallness is a choice now. It is up to you. Your alternative is greatness. In your heart of hearts, which do you think belongs to you?

If you wish to leave smallness behind, you will leave it like a candy wrapper. You will not keep it to you. You will not save it. You will drop it. And you will forget about it. What you desire comes to pass, and what I desire comes to pass. It is inevitable. You think the anguish and pangs and sufferings will always be when they never were except as you picked them up and carried them with you.

If you feel a gap, what do you choose to fill the gap with? Familiar angst or the sweet joy that is inevitably yours? What is your state of mind, and who is responsible for it? What is the object of your state of mind? What is your intention? Your intention may be different from your desire. You may not believe in your desire. Then your intention is a flibbertigibbet. Or perhaps your intention is more like a certainty of not reaching that which you say you desire. Perhaps you desire something else more than the peace you attest to.

Perhaps you prefer skirmish. Perhaps you prefer to acquiesce to defeat. Perhaps you prefer to rail against unfulfillment. Perhaps you prefer to deny yourself rather than fulfill yourself. Perhaps you prefer to fulfill habits of thought rather than trying on new ones. Perhaps your life, as you perceive it, is an old comfortable bathrobe that you would prefer not to part with. Sure it's old style, out of date, threadworn, but you've broken it in and you kind of like to see it hanging there. You may protest against its moth holes but you make no demands of it and therefore, you make no demands of yourself. Perhaps you prefer lacklusterness to disappointment. Perhaps you prefer disappointment to dreams. Perhaps you feel that dreams are inaccessible to you and therefore are some kind of prognosticated torment.

Perhaps you are afraid to desire that which you crave. Perhaps you prefer to let things stay as they are rather than to disturb them. Perhaps if you don't aspire, you won't fail. What is this failure you are so frightened of? What do you think it looks like? When achievement is not the name of the game, how can you fail?

When intention is the name of the game, how can you not succeed? Name your intention, and that is your success. Name your intention. Your intention is your picture of yourself, and your picture of yourself has heretofore been ill-framed. Whatever the past, your picture of yourself does not fit you. I made you in a far different image.

You further your life with your dreams. Dreams are not vagrant things. Dreams move you along. Dreams are meant to be dreamt. You are not meant for defeat. If defeat is your state of mind, it does not belong to you. It is foreign to a child of God. It is an adaptation to the world that has not believed in you. Why, then, should you believe in that which lacks belief in you?

If you must surrender, then surrender your ideas. If you must surrender to something, then surrender to your dreams, not to lack of them. Intend to greatness. Give up less than greatness. This is your surrender to Me.