The Ocean Bright

God said:

Are your emotions like a deck of playing cards that you go through, perhaps several times a day? Do you perhaps spread out the cards and pick one, and then another?

Are your emotions like a scale you run up and down?

Do you perhaps feel that you are obligated to touch upon each card?

How many emotions do you go through in one day?

If you left out the keys of every emotion, you would not become a robot. You would become a calm human being who would greet everyone and everything before you as new and fresh. You would look squarely at that which is before you with simple clear eyes. There would be no build-up of plaque. There would be no errors to erase. There would be no miscounting, all this simply because you didn't, on cue, react with one or more of the handy emotions you have kept in your pocket.

You would be left with love, beloveds. Love is more than an emotion. Love is not meant to be only a reaction. It is more than a reaction. Let it be the platform you come from.

This is the point: You don't have to run the gamut of emotions you have been running any longer. Give up anger, discontent, hostility, offense, negativity, complaint, hurt, elitism, regret, agony, anxiety, fear, discouragement, dismay, despair, upset, horror, argument, greed, pouting, heartache, shock and whatever else you can run through in a day and whatever form it may take.

Substitute joy, delight, surprise, welcome, smile, eagerness, friendliness, good nature, cheerfulness, good-heartedness, affection, serenity, peace, generosity, ardor, zeal, and whatever form a positive emotion can take.

Cook up a new way of cooking events in your life.

If you have become a naysayer, become a cheerleader. Why not?

Perhaps you think that you must be so honest that you have to have your mouth turned down and be grumpy each day. Or you think you have to be jumpy and react to every single thing that happens as if it were important and your duty to reflect it. Since when were you meant to be a faithful copycat of emotions presented to you?

You are not all the trappings you find yourself in. You are not the clothes you are wearing. You can step out of them any time you choose. You can step out of past moods the same. Change into something else. Why keep shades of unhappiness around you? Why hold onto anything that does not uplift the world?

Be a bearer of light and not darkness. You are not obligated to point out every flaw or any flaw. You don't have to point out even one!

If you have been a repetitive bearer of bad news, turn over a new leaf now. There are beautiful leaves to find. There are many new leaves to turn. Turn them. Turn over a new leaf right now. Keep turning leaves over.

This is the meaning of baptism, beloveds. Come out washed from the Ocean anew. Sweep out to sea, and return cleansed of the past. All the holdovers from the past are gone. You let go of them in the waters of the Ocean. You let them loose. You let them be washed away, and you came out of the waters of the Ocean bright and fresh and sparkling clean. You baptized yourself.

Have the simple intention to be brightness on Earth. Have the simple intention to be light and to spread it. Have the simple intention to step out of the past, and then step out of it.

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I see baptism in a new

I see baptism in a new light!

I sat at the counter of a

I sat at the counter of a hometown cafe a couple of days ago and visited with a simple man who had discovered life's deepest secret. The father of four boys, now, about 70, he works in the summer as a gardener on a large estate, and in the winter, shoveling snow there and also building his own house.

"I'm a religious man," he said with a smile. "I have come to believe totally in God, and I know the truth of 'ask and you shall receive, seek and you you find.' I'm happy and what others may think will make them happy, more things, means nothing to me."

"I have many friends," he said. I know why.

I told him I often struggle to shut down the endless chatter in my mind, wondering if I came on too strong or not strong enough toward a woman I really like, wondering if what I am doing is really what I should be doing as far as work is concerned.

He said he too had that problem, but has come to peace inside. "God has really changed all that, because I really believed God could and would."

Our past is just that, our past. We needn't torture ourselves with what might have been, how we should have done it differently. (I like the saying of the 12 step programs. "Don't should on yourself.")

I have come to know I always have a choice. I can dwell on what I don't like, (and then I'll experience more of that,) or I can consciously choose to focus on the good. I can consciously choose to be endlessly grateful for what is, knowing even that there is never a problem without a gift in its hand.

Paul Feldman

Sitting at a counter becoming light


You boggle my mind with the simplicity of your love story happen in the Real. It's beautiful


The Hills are alive with the sound of MUCOUS!

Do, ra, me, fa, so,,, lots of dough will make me happy? Besides the scale is always out of tune for me.
Dough's a doe a female I can grab and play with, without thinking hardly a thing. This market took all my dough away though.
Ra's a ray of Golden sun, if only I could find the switch. Some how my Mom could always find a switch when needed.
Me is the center of this lightening storm because it is always fa , a long, long way to run.
Fa's a long, long way from home. Besides it's not fun to be me when I'm in a bad mood.
I know what to do; just change that mood to something good. That should be easy.
My problem is that I can't seem to find many people dancing on those hills that don't have any music or good stuff for me.
Oh poor me....I just don't know what to do. I know what I'll do, and do, and do.
Do's a do, a job well done. Do,s what's required to be good at something, Do's a job I have to do, doing is so much fun!
Curious how doing seems to result in lots of do do with a smell you just can't hide.
Oh me, I'm back at square one and that's not fun.
I know what I'll do, I'll look for truth the way Gloria does because she has a way of making divine music on the hills of my turbulence.
Truth has a problem. Ya, that's right; it can't be learned or earned. That's right you can't get it. Oh crap! what can I do.
PLANT IT HONEY. it'll grow up nice and tall in the garden of your heart with only a bit of listening to HIM tell HIS mysteries.
Oh, that where the hitch is, isn't it?
Oh, be still!, and know that I AM is God who makes the hills and you alive with music.
Just be quiet and listen for where the light switch is located just inside the Door. You want more?
Then read Heaven Letters while asking for ears that can hear. It's going to thrill you.

George dancing on the hills of his imagination

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said be brightness
Form positive emotions
And be left with love

God said choose your moods
Have the simple intention
To substitute joy

Love, Light and Aloha!

Hoola Hupe Alohalight

"God says choose your moods" this angel of light writes.

Many years ago with my beloved family I walked into a photo shop for film in Disney World. Out of the back of the shop walked Walt Disney! The real Walt Disney. I knew right off he was a fake. He was God showing off HIS Magic Kingdom, teaching kids to see Snow White as their inner self with the dwarfs digging deep for the gems in her hidden self. Hoola Hoop Aloah you are the same kind of fake. You’re God just pretending that HE can type stuff that shows people who they really are and how to get back to where they came from while living in this earthy world. Would you believe that right across from Disney’s World another fake person put up a beautiful thing called Knots Berry Farm where people can play all Day and untie the KNOTS in their consciousness? You’re like that. You help people untie knots, breath again the air they gave away to TV’s scams or religious hucksters. How do you keep so hidden? You’re my diamond field! Honest to watchucall! My darling hoola hoop.

George or whoever

Diamond George always

Diamond George always blinging brightly,
In Disneyland did you look in the magic mirror on the wall and see the fairest "One" of all...YOU!
(I still have my Mickey Mouse ears)
Love, Light and Aloha!

I did look in the mirror

The Mirror said: "George": "You're not as cute as Gloria or Karen, but Your Ok, I'm Ok, now run back to the hall of mirrors and see all the shapes you take."

Karen, you make me love you