The World Is Your Apple

God said:

The world is your apple. It is yours. It is for you. It was made for you. Accept graciously.

The world is an inn you stop at for a little while on your journey. The inn may not have all the amenities you would have liked, yet still it is an inn, and it gives you a bed and shelter and a window to look out from. Enjoy your stay.

There has been a tendency for My children to find it easier to see fault rather than blessing, easier to complain rather than appreciate. Why is this? It is a habit, beloveds, nothing more than any other needless habit you may have.

Habits can be changed. Change this one.

Silently seek out the blessing in everyone and everything. Does this sound Pollyanna? Perhaps it does, yet it is a simple way for you to gain and give happiness. This one thing, noticing what is good about something, good about anything, will spiral your life upward. Is it so hard to do? All you have to do is to remember. When you forget, gently remind yourself that you are here on Earth to appreciate. Develop appreciation, and the world will rise to please you.

Let Us say that you have a benefactor. He wants to donate to you. He offers you a measly nickel. Scoff at the nickel, and how many more nickels will you receive? Appreciate that nickel, and what will reach you next time? Be so happy to receive a nickel, for the next time you may receive a quarter or a quarter million dollars. What is not possible, beloveds, when you repay the world with appreciation?

Acknowledge beforehand that everyone and everything is your benefactor. Even the people who annoy you are your benefactors. They are giving you some kind of opportunity. The opportunity is there. You are annoyed. Bear in mind that it is your annoyance, and how might this annoyance of yours serve you?

If you stumble and fall, what is the good in it? If you have decided ahead of time that there is no possible good in your falling down, you will not find the good in it. You could fall and see a flower close up that you might have missed otherwise. You might learn to watch where you're going. You might learn not to rush so. You might learn to pick up your feet. You might learn that it is perfectly all right to fall.

If you receive an apple with a worm in it, the greater part of the apple does not have a worm in it. If you receive an apple with a worm in it, you at least know that the apple is organic. You might learn that it isn't so awful to find a worm in an apple.

You have known the idea of looking for the good for a long time. Now put it into practice.

If your car breaks down, maybe you get some exercise now. If your car breaks down, maybe you are spared from an accident. At the very least, when your car breaks down, you will be really happy when you get it back.

If someone finds himself in a wheelchair, he can find good in it. He is looking at the world now from a different height and from a new perspective. He has slowed down. And, oh, how now he wishes he had appreciated every moment when he could walk and run and jump! Maybe he has learned the good you are learning from him.

It is really true. There is a silver lining. There really really is. Only you may have to look for it. Appreciate that you can look. Appreciate that if you can look, you can see. Appreciate that if you can hunt, you can find. Appreciate you.

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It's so cool that God

It's so cool that God promotes organic living in Heavenletters! I'd rather have an apple with a worm and spot marks instead of pesticide pseudo perfection.

spots are Nature's bad habits

Sweetest Heaven Admin:

You're one of Natures good habits. At 84 I have enough brown spots to make an organic apple feel gastly. My darling kids are sure it's pesticides but I think it's surgar on my oatmeal. One thing I know; you are the very best organic humans I know about! Thanks a bunch!

George getting more sure

Apple pie, peach pie, pie ala mode (with ice cream)

God's just waiting with divine cool whip.

My darling wife's mother lived with us 25 years. What a pie maker! She was as good as my mother at pies.

My mother was 4'8'' in all directions. Four of her 8 children survived living on apple sauce, apple pie, and little dough boys she made for us to play with until dirty enough to bake brown enough to cover the dirt.

God's sort of like that. He treats us like his Precious dough boys and bakes most of us till were done and edible, perhaps a better word is usable. That sounds better.

He called Ephriam, that was one of his Bible Characters: "Half baked!" I suppose He was trying to tell us that it's possible to be half baked and be one of His characters in the Bible. Whew! But then on to other items; it's hot in the oven!.

I bit into an delicious apple when I was little only to find after I swallowed that there was half a worm in the part that remained. That part of the worm seemed alive. I hoped that the part i had just ingested wasn't so lucky. How do you know about such mysteries? When I told my mother she put her apron over her face and either cried or laughed, I couldn't tell by the shake. According to this darling writer the apple was organic, and that's important, I mean, real important to know about. I just hope I'm organic, but sometimes I wonder. That may have been Ephriam's problem, now that I think about it.

The silver lining should make us feel good about clouds or the sun or perhaps it's God's photo op. I get the impression that my whole life is an 84 yard long silver lining of some sort. That thing about picking up your feet is a good thing unless you've had a stroke like mine. My right foot simply isn't interested in up and down stuff. Dragging got them all beat but I get to use a wheel chair at the airport. That's cool. Now I get to feel like Jacob who limped the rest of his life after that tango with the angel. But he did get a different name, which is cool.

Now I'm faced with changing a habit, one of life's choice occupations because, forming habits make you happy, comfortable, fat, sloppy, and others miserable but you get to do the darn habit any old time. Changing it sounds easy but just try it sometime. Pray like the dickens.

George has to change this habit of using my dumb keyboard

We love what you write so

We love what you write so much. Please keep using your bright sunny keyboard!

I told you a lie!

Darling Gloria:

It's not my keyboard at all. It's God's. He lets me use it now and then and let's me take HIS and your love words to the bank of His eternal agency of divine frolicking all the while He shines His Son on the keyboard He loaned me. You know all about this. I can tell. Love you more

George trying to mimic me

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said you can learn
To find good in anything
And seek the blessing

Love, Light and Aloha!