Miracles Grow

God said:

Resist nothing. Desire higher.

When something appears to be wrong in your life, step above it. This doesn’t mean to ignore it. It means to step above it. Instead of cursing and complaining and feeling self-righteous indignation, ask in your heart that a wrongful situation be resolved. I am not asking you to blind yourself to the realities of the world. I am asking you to use a technique that works. The name of this technique is: Set your intention.

Miracles do happen, beloveds. There is no law that you are to suffer. Let go of suffering.

When you are driving your car, and there is a pot hole in the road before you – I mean a huge pothole -- you don’t try to bulldoze your car over it nor do you just sit there and shake your fist at it. You are not indignant. You are merely inconvenienced. You don’t hold onto the obstruction to your travel as though it were your personal foe. You drive around it. Or maybe you have to back up and go another way altogether. In any case, you don’t become the pot hole’s opponent. You don’t spar with it.

It may well be that the next time you go down that road, you will find that the pot hole has been filled in.

And so it is with life, beloveds. Meet obstacles as you would a pothole in the street. No matter how wrong and unfair something may be, you are not a bull to go charging at it. You don’t have to fight. Where is it said that you must fight everything or anything? Where is it said that it is better to hold on than to let go?

Whatever the difficulty, think of how you would like it to be resolved, and allow it to resolve itself. Your thoughts are, indeed, powerful. Both your positive and negative thoughts are powerful. Do you wish to dispute this?

Sometimes you get off lucky. Even with negative thinking, sometimes you get a windfall. Think of how much luckier you will be when you envision a desirable outcome to whatever has upset you.

Does this sound too simple to be true -- to look a difficulty in the eye, and then release it? If the situation is that someone is taking advantage of you, picture the situation in a different light. Picture yourself releasing your struggle. Picture the other person as being generous. Picture the other person releasing the situation too.

Do you prefer to go to court? Do you prefer a good fight? Why would you go to court unless you feel victimized and want a good fight?

When you are angry, you don’t have to express your anger. You don’t have to keep your anger inside either. You can rise above it. You can stop letting a disagreeable situation rule you. You can get out of the rain and take shelter and stay dry. You don’t have to be at the mercy of circumstance. You don’t have to be at the mercy of your own thoughts. You don’t have to be at the mercy of anyone else’s shortsightedness, nor do you have to order someone else around.

This is not passivity I speak of, nor is it passive resistance I speak of, nor is it pretence that a situation is all right with you when it isn’t all right at all, nor is it keeping silent when you should speak. This is rising above. When you speak, it will be from a higher position. And this will allow the whole configuration of the situation to change. Will you at least give this a chance?

This is one way miracles happen, beloved. Allow the conditions for miracles to grow.

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Just as I was thinking of

Just as I was thinking of how to word a question to Godde because of a situation that is ongoing, this particular Heavenletters pops up in my mailbox ... a direct answer to my question. Then today's (4/27/07) letter continued to answer. What a miracle to have found this site and you. I can't wait to manifest the Godwriting seminar and am working on the logistics even now.

What an amazing person you are, and what amazing people you have attracted to this site! I feel so blessed.

Thank you (again and again and again). Pam (fortheloveofGodde) :wub: