One Stone for an Altar to Heaven

God said:

In one sense, it matters what your motive is. In another sense, it doesn’t matter. When you give a gift to the world, whatever your motive, you have given a gift to the world. Whether you have done it for My glory or for your personal gratification, you have given a gift. You gave. The whole universe is grateful.

You may also have intention beyond your recognition. You may have more of the saint in you than you have believed. That’s all right. You can be the last to know. It doesn’t matter if you know or not. I know, beloveds. At present, I know more than you do. It is a good thing I do.

On the other hand, your intention in giving matters very much. Your intention serves. Your intention to nurture the universe reaches to every corner. Your intention is the deed. Your desire for every aspect of the universe to be nourished nourishes the universe. Your intention is the resolution. Your intention is the dream come true.

Your intention is like setting your printer to print. It is primed. With your intention, the printing is as good as done.

When your intention is magnanimous, whatever a specific outcome, you have already succeeded. Your intention already has blessed the world. When your intention is self-aggrandizement, and the outcome is not achieved, then your intention becomes a fizzled balloon. Self-serving doesn’t serve.

You are a Being that needs Greatness. It is as simple as that. It is not even that you have to be a part of Greatness, because you are Greatness yourself. Nevertheless, you want to take part in Greatness. You want to add your stone to the pile. You want to build an altar to Heaven. However humble your contribution, you want to make it. You are destined to add to the universe, even if one simple stone. How quickly a stairway to Heaven is built from one stone you lay down. Consider one stone as one intent in givingness to the world.

I have bequeathed you to the world, and now you bequeath yourself.

There is no lack of Greatness in you. Greatness is at your disposal. Even the smallest act carries its own Greatness. Think of how great it is when a child offers his mother a dandelion he has pulled. Is there an act any more giving than that? It says all there is to describe indescribable love.

What dandelion will you pick today to unite all the hearts in the world, or one heart? Even though there is only One Heart, in terms of the world, more than one heart will always be involved -- the heart of the one who gives, and the heart of the one who receives. Who blesses more, the giver or the receiver? And can it be ascertained? Who has the greatest happiness, you or I? Is this love or gratitude, and what is the difference?

And what is the difference between you and Me? Who can say with surety which is which, or who is Who? There is no necessity in any case. There is only the necessity to love, to give it with abandon, and to receive it with open arms. Who cares whether giving is more important or receiving is? All that matters is the giving and receiving. They make their own statement. They make their own statement of love.

Who would separate giving and receiving? Who would dissect them, when their existence turns dross into gold? Who has to look further into the expression and reception of love? Love is. And that love exists is enough without further ado.

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