The World Has Been Waiting for You

God said:

What did you think you were doing here on Earth anyway?

You are here for play but not for sport. Life is not something you win. You have already won it. You have already come in. There is no first nor last. The world is yours as much as it is anyone’s. You have every right here. It has been ordained that you would visit on Earth, and that you would make Earth and your visit lovely. You are a precursor of the world to come.

It is not you against the world. It is not you against anything. It is you with everything, with everything you have to give. And that is a lot. You came here to give joy to the world. You are the harbinger of spring.

You did not come here to wrest anything from the world. Where did you get that idea? You are here to serve the world. You serve it with your heart of love.

The world has been waiting for you to uplift it. It has been waiting for you to reveal what love and joy are. The world waits for revelation from you. How simple a task you have. Your heart is like a pitcher of sweet cream, and all you have to do is pour it. The more you pour from this infinite pitcher, the more there is to pour. You pour cream for the world. Have you thought that the world was to pour the cream for you?

The cream in the pitcher of your heart stays fresh as you pour it. It cannot curdle so long as it is ever-pouring. Pour to your heart’s content. Pour out your heart’s contents. Just keep pouring. Let the world swim in the outpouring of sweetness from the fullness of your heart. As you pour love out into the world, the world floats in love, and so do you. This is the medium of the universe, the love you pour. What you pour, you drink. How simple is the universe.

This is the easy natural way to live life. There is no effort in pouring. The pitcher is light. You simply tip it and let it pour.

The sun never tires in pouring itself out across the universe. Each day is new. It is a mirage that the sun sets. It never stops rising. And so the current of love in your heart is to ever-rise, proclaiming itself the love of God. The love of God, the love from God, God’s love in you, esplanades itself across the universe, All hearts are outpourings of God. God’s pure love is rampant. Let not your heart be stopped up. Why would you be stingy with your heart of love that is God’s offering to the world? Did you think love was yours to withhold? Beloveds, it is yours to give and give and give. There is to be no pause to your heart. It was made for love. The key to love surges in your own heart. Let that heart of yours circulate itself to the world. Let it deliver the love it is meant to. There is no situation that your heart cannot deliver love to or from. Limitless is the love in your heart, and now you release it fully.

Do not save your heart for a rainy day There are no rainy days when your heart pours its love out. Do not be sparse with your love. Be generous instead. You are full of love. Keep pouring until the world is full of it. Is there something else you should be doing?