God said:

When is a thought in your head My thought or when is it your own? When is it My impulse or your weary whim? When is it joy or merely distraction from something you don't want to think about?

When you are in My thought frame, you are not in past programming. You are not on automatic because that is from the past. Spontaneous is not automatic. Habitual is not spontaneous. Spontaneous is spontaneous.

Leave your life to your intention. Your intention is to have Me and to follow Me. Keep Me with you in your intent, and your intent will be fulfilled. Keep your eye on your intent, because your intent guides your purpose.

Have your purpose be to do My Will, and you will not get caught on the tiny branches of your will. When the background you come from is to further My Will, you will not waste energy in the brambles, or, if you do, you will get past them and find the clearing soon.

Do not be so concerned with what you say and do. Those are not your concerns. I am your concern.

The difficulty in your trying to be perfect lies in your attention going in the wrong place.

When you are trying to be perfect, your attention is not on Me. You are in the outcome rather than in My vision. Trust in My perfection. Relax in My perfection. From that state of trust, your use of energy will profit the universe.

You will not fight battles within yourself or with others. You will not become embroiled in minor skirmishes. You will be looking at Me. Keep your eye on Me, and then detours will not be yours. You will live life above the potholes of the road.

The question is: What do you really want, passage of time or purpose? If you are reading this, your answer is purpose. You do not become perfect (in your eyes, in the eyes of the world) because of that choice, but you do become purposeful.

Whatever activity you play, bring Me in it with you. The play, the same, but the intention different, and therefore all is different.

Intent is like a background color. It is always there. It surrounds you and uplifts you. Choose your background color. When your background color has been chosen, you have it, and it is yours. Your intent is yours to choose. Once chosen, you have it and it colors everything you do. The color you choose will influence every day. It will influence everything.

Intention is not an idle thing.

It is how you greet your life.

It is how you meet your life.

I suggest you greet Me. I suggest you meet Me.

This does not mean to escape or avoid physical existence. It means to take Me with you. It means to include My presence. It means to take your intent with you. It means that your purpose walks beside you.

Your purpose is not to accomplish. Your purpose is not to become accomplished. Your purpose is to take Me with you. Silently invite Me into your awareness. Let Me filter your life with sunlight. Let Me carry the burdens (there are none). And you, My children, you, carry My trust, My love, and your silent awareness of My presence. This is how you change the face of the earth. This is how the purpose of Creation is fulfilled.

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