God's Presence, God's Light

God said:

It is a common thing, My presence in your life. Your discovery of Me in your life is rarely, if ever, a great illumination. I am the Great Illuminator, but your discovery of My light, your dawning awareness of it is not earthshaking. You notice Me more as an afterthought. Your recognition is more, "Oh, so that's You." Not, "I am illuminated! I am changed! I am catapulted into Heaven. Hallelujah! I appear before God. I am partaking of a remarkable event. Amazement is mine!"

You appear before God in your own clothes.

It is remarkable, but you have been used to Me. Your recognition of what has always been is more like a seeping, not a thunderclap out of the west.

Or, look at it this way. All in life is a momentous event.

Look at the rising sun or at the setting sun. Look at the North Star. Look at the waves of the ocean, and tell Me that those are not momentous events. But you lightly move around in life with them present, all the while with your attention on something else.

I am the Omnipresent. I am the Everpresent. And you have never been out of My presence. You just haven't looked. You just haven't seen. You have been too busy.

You are not here to join in a lightening bolt of God. It is My light that you have been seeing all along. Within you has My light been shining all along. You are here to offer Me your gaze so that all may see Mine.

The astounding thing really is that you haven't been aware of Our commonly held light. You have been aware of the darkness because you have been timid about admitting Our light. You have been waiting for My light to arrive. You have been hoping for it to arrive, uncertain that it will. Hope is not a strong thing. It is not strong enough for the children of God. It is a weak thing, hope is.

Hoping for My light is ignorance of it.

Waiting for My light is too passive.

Claim My light, for it has always been yours except for the claiming.

Sometimes you demand what is already yours.

You fuss and fume about: "Where is God, and Why doesn't He or She show up? And Why do others seem to have grand experiences of God, and I don't?"

It is not a grand experience of Me that you want. That is wanting glory. Seek Me, My children, not glory. Seek Me, not a grand experience of Me. Let arise within you the possibility that you have known Me all along. Admitting possibility is stronger than hope. Admit the possibility that I am your Constant Companion. Admit the possibility that I am with everyone. If I am with one, then I am also with you. Admit the possibility that you cannot be without Me. You would not be without Me. I am your Creator, and you are My Creation. Is creation separate from the Creator?

When you create a painting, what have you created but a picture of yourself?

When I created you, I put Myself into you.

The golden cord that connects Us is not a metaphor. The golden cord is a ray of light that maintains Our Oneness.

Cast Our light upon a world that needs to see light.

Let My light within you dawn upon others.

Let My light be seen.

Let you see My light so that others may. Call not attention to you but to Me. Set Me as your goal, not dazzling events. I will enter your vision as a silent light from the distance. When the blaze of My light enters your consciousness fully, your eyes will already be used to it.